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The Return of Power Everything

A Honda Accord joins the lineup

Ten years ago I traded an old fully featured car for a much newer but barely featured car. Now that it's 2017 can I have both low miles and high features? Looks like the answer is yes.

This week I traded in the Chevy Cavalier for a Honda Accord. After ten years of crank windows and no cruise control it now feels like I'm back in the Supra, LOL. I'll be doing my commuting, road trips, bandscans, and donuts in the parking lot in relative luxury now. The Yaphank Ceremony will be completed on Sunday. My plates may be on the new car, but it ain't fully "mine" until I finish my sappy driving ceremony... oh, and come up with the car's nickname. ;)

Since I'm still a statistics-nut, here are some new ones:

Car #4... my first sedan (been all coupes up 'till now). again the newest one (two months newer than the Cavalier had been in '07). my first car that isn't dark red or silver. ;) my first Honda. Let's see if their reputation bears out. my first car with a backup camera. my first car with pushbutton start (didn't expect to own one of those so soon). my first car with a moonroof, however useful that ends up being. my second car to display fuel efficiency, and the Accord is much more verbose about it than the LeBaron was.
...and is my first car to have an Eco mode, BTW. my fourth car to have a proper temperature gauge. A perfect score! the first car that's not getting a Kenwood stereo head-unit. :(

Time for some more exploring!


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