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They say everyone has at least one book in 'em...

...and here's mine.

I'm thrilled to announce the release of my 125,000 word novel, Caffeine. This is the realization of two years of work, taking no small amount of time and effort. I have chosen to release Caffeine under a Creative Commons license, which allows readers to download and share it freely. It's my hope and prayer that this work touches lives and isn't quickly forgotten on bookshelves (or hard drives, as it's only available electronically right now).

Having four versions planned (novel-layout, printer-friendly, text-only, HTML) and little time left, I decided that the printer-friendly PDF would be the best/quickest to roll out first. When I'm back in November, I'll create the other three layouts for this website, and work on getting it on e-book sites.

Your comments are always welcome and, if you enjoy Caffeine, tell your friends about it. It's a free download, after all.


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