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Time For Me To Subscribe To Something

The "What I'm Watching" lists for Music and Movies have been updated for 2014. Music is always a big deal because I only do it every three years; and I only do it every three years because the process is much more involved than for the other lists. TV Shows is supposed to be updated every year, but I decided not to for the first time since that list began in '06. The last network TV show I followed was Lost, and its been four years since its finale. Ditching cable in 2011 didn't help. Watching new anime series online kept the TV list afloat for a while, but this year's discoveries have been one cliche storm after another; no Top 15 material in sight. I need a Roku, or Netflix subscription, or whatever Google thing is on the market now. Until I discover new (good) shows, the TV list simply isn't updatable.

2014 All-Time Top 30 Songs

Alternative Metal continues to rule my playlist with new hits like World So Cold and Shinedown's Bully added. Titanium brings House into the mix, and I think that genre will do well on future lists. Hard Rock is sinking like a... rock I guess, with Skillet and Fireflight barely hanging onto my Top 30. Payable On Death is the only christian artist that continues to do well. I honestly haven't been looking for new christian hits as much as I should. :(

2014 All-Time Top 10 Movies

When I canned this years TV list I considered letting this one go too. 2014 has been a year of re-watching rather than discovering new film. No surprise then that it's old favorites which made the list. Terminator 2 has been reviewed as "the best sequel ever made," and that title stuck with me and helped my own perception of the movie. Phone Booth is another movie I remembered from years ago and threw into consideration. Another psychological thriller, Vanilla Sky rocketed up the list from #9 to #3. As with TV, I look forward to subscribing to something later this year so I can discover new films.

The only list that wasn't due for an update: Novels . I need to hustle on that one too if I expect to add new material to the 2015 list.


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