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Top Movies List

As promised on the What I'm Watching Page , this month I've posted my first "All-Time Top 10 Movies" list. As with the TV Shows and Novels, I made a list of what I'd liked and attempted to rank them. The criteria are completely subjective and there are always a few surprises.

The TV List, updated annually since 2006, was updated again for July. I couldn't nominate anything new for the Novels list, so it wasn't updated this year. There were some nominees for the "All-Time Top 30 Songs" list, but that one is so involved I've pulled the procrastination card on it. I just started writing another book, after all... ;-)

Here is my first movies list:

2010 All-Time Top 10 Movies
Rank Title Release Genre
1 The Truman Show 1998 Comedy-Drama
2 Pleasantville 1998 Fantasy/ Comedy-Drama
3 The Thirteenth Floor 1999 Science Fiction
4 Back to the Future Trilogy 1985 Science Fiction
5 Groundhog Day 1993 Comedy
6 Titanic 1997 Epic Romantic-Disaster
7 Brazil 1985 Dystopian Satire
8 Vanilla Sky 2001 Psychological Thriller
9 Office Space 1999 Comedy
10 The Matrix Trilogy 1999 Sci-Fi Action

It's pretty much what I'd expected: the character discovers that something is fake about the world they live in and they struggle to break out (or to change it). The Back To The Future trilogy, a long-time favorite sure to show up on the list, brought time travel (and Groundhog Day, a time loop). Titanic is certainly the least "fantastic" storyline on the list, but it's production was impressive. Office Space simply appealed to me as someone who has to work for a living.

Here is the 2010 TV Shows list:

2010 All-Time Top 15 TV shows

Change from

Rank Show Title Release Genre '09 '08 '07 '06
1 Sliders (esp. seasons 1-3) 1995-2000 Science-Fiction        
2 Lost 2004-now Sci-Fi Mystery       +1
3 Stargate SG-1 1997-2007 Science-Fiction       -1
4 Haibane Renmei 2002 Anime Fantasy   N    
5 Firefly 2002-2003 Space Western +5 N    
6 Star Trek: Voyager 1995-2001 Science-Fiction +2 -3    
7 Kino's Journey 2003 Anime Adventure -1 +2 +3 N
8 Stargate Atlantis 2004-2009 Science-Fiction -3 -1    
9 Touched by an Angel 1994-2003 Family Drama -2 N    
10 Star Trek: The Next Generation 1987-1994 Science-Fiction +2 -6 +1 +1
11 Reboot 1994-2001 CGI Adventure -2 -2 -1 -1
12 Serial Experiments Lain 1998 Anime Cyberpunk N      
13 Wolf's Rain 2003 Anime Adventure -2 N    
14 Day Break 2006 Action Thriller   N    
15 Paranoia Agent 2004 Anime Horror-Mystery -2 -2 N  

I fully expected Lost to unseat Sliders from its number one position this season, but it fell short of my (admittedly high) expectations. Time to see if another show is up for the challenge.

Firefly seems to be fondly remembered, I should watch it again soon. Voyager also crawled up the list, though not as high as it originally was. Serial Experiments Lain is the only new show, and Outlaw Star (also Anime) has finally been unseated from its #15 spot.

And finally, here are the nominees for the (now 2011) music list:


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