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2.5 preview

After a month off to work on the website, I've shifted my focus back to Wake Up! Pro . The problem that prevented me from releasing an ALPHA version last month was quickly resolved (amazing how simple problems are after you've taken some time to rest and come back to it). I'm pleased to announce that the .EXE file itself is compiling nicely and I'm preparing to BETA test it... if anyone would like to be in the loop on this, lemme know. I'm still not setting a release date, but after my progress in the last two weeks, I'm optimistic that 2.5.0 can replace 2.1.2 early next month. I'm also planning to revamp the Wake Up! Pro page here on EG and to make a new 'Extra Tones' file, which was popular back in the version 1.5 days.

There is a screenshot on the right, though not all of the work shows up on the clock itself. Here's a rundown of what's coming:

If anyone would like to BETA test this, lemme know. I need to know if this works on Vista.


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