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For the last eighteen months, through the initial stages of writing my own book, I've become increasingly interested in knowing why I like the fiction I do: not just novels, which I'm still fairly new with, but also my longtime TV and movie viewing habits.

One of the things that came out of this was "top" lists for TV shows: simply identifying and ranking my favorites. For television, I made the first list in 2006 and it's been updated since. Here is what I've dubbed the official 2008 list (the first one published outside of my MySpace Page):

2008 All-Time Top 15 TV shows
Rank Show Title Year/ Genre Chg. from '07
1 Sliders (esp. seasons 1-3) 1995-2000/ Science-Fiction same
2 Lost 2004-now/ Sci-Fi Mystery same
3 Stargate SG-1 (esp. seasons 1-5) 1997-2007/ Science-Fiction same
4 Stargate Atlantis 2004-now/ Science-Fiction same
5 Star Trek: Voyager 1995-2001/ Science-Fiction same
6 Star Trek: The Next Generation 1987-1994/ Science-Fiction +1
7 Reboot 1994-2001/ CGI Adventure -1
8 Kino's Journey 2003/ Anime Adventure +3
9 Doctor Who (new series) 2005-now/ Science-Fiction +1
10 Cowboy Bebop 1998-1999/ Anime Space-Western -2
11 Paranoia Agent 2004/ Anime Horror-Mystery (new)
12 Ghost In The Shell (TV) 2002-2005/ Anime Cyberpunk -3
13 24 (only seasons 1-4) 2001-2005/ Action-Drama same
14 The Outer Limits (modern) 1995-2002/ Science-Fiction same
15 Outlaw Star 1998/ Anime Science-Fantasy same

Last year, I discovered music videos on YouTube along with some good sources of Christian music . With the resulting influx of new and old favorites I found my efforts expanding into why I like certain kinds of music (favorite genre: alternative metal). A few months ago I created the first list for music:

2008 All-Time Top 30 Songs
Rank Artist Title

Year/ Genre

1 Foo Fighters The Pretender 2007/ Alternative
2 Chevelle I Get It 2007/ Alt. Metal
3 Breaking Benjamin The Diary of Jane 2006/ Alt. Metal
4 Hinder Lips of an Angel 2006/ Post-Grunge
5 Foo Fighters DOA 2005/ Alternative
6 Sixx: AM Life is Beautiful 2007/ Rock-Metal
7 Payable On Death Find My Way 2003/ Post-Hardcore
8 Demon Hunter Fading Away 2007/ Metal
9 Breaking Benjamin So Cold 2004/ Alt. Metal
10 Fuel Hemorrhage (In My Hands) 2000/ Post-Grunge
11 Stone Temple Pilots Plush 1993/ Grunge
12 Björk Army of Me 1995/ Electronica
13 Jimmy Eat World Big Casino 2007/ Alternative
14 Skillet Rebirthing 2006/ Hard Rock
15 Alice In Chains I Stay Away 1993/ Grunge-Acoustic
16 Payable On Death I And Identify 2003/ Alt. Metal
17 The Color Red Smile 2000/ Alt. Metal
18 Payable On Death Wildfire 2003/ Alternative
19 Three Days Grace Never Too Late 2007/ Alternative
20 Linkin Park Bleed It Out 2007/ Alternative
21 Linkin Park In The End 2001/ Nu Metal
22 Red Break Me Down 2007/ Rock-Metal
23 Real Life Send Me An Angel 1983/ New Wave
24 Payable On Death Sleeping Awake 2003/ Alt. Metal
25 Seventh Day Slumber Break Me 2005/ Rock
26 Payable On Death Waiting On Today 2003/ Alternative
27 Payable On Death Freedom Fighters 2003/ Alternative
28 Payable On Death Will You 2001/ Post-Hardcore
29 Stone Temple Pilots Big Empty 1994/ Hard Rock
30 Seal Newborn Friend 1994/ Soul

My plan for now is to update the TV list every July and the music list every two years (the latter is a chaotic thing to rank, if I re-did it today I'm sure there would be several differences). Next year, after I've read more, I plan to start a list for novels and probably a fourth for films. The 2008 TV list is very similar to the original '06 one, except revealing the trend toward more anime (1 in 2006, 4 in 2007, 5 this year). With almost all of my viewing having switched from off-air/cable to on-demand/online (YouTube, SurfTheChannel , etc.) since '06, I've started to take a more pro-active approach toward my Top 15 list. I've recently started using what I've learned about my tastes in fiction to hunt down new series to topple long-standing (and pre-list) favorites like the Outer Limits, Stargate SG-1, and even Sliders. Just this past week, the effort led me to a 13-episode anime called Haibane Renmei , which I liked enough to think that the 2009 list will be very different. Oh yeah, there are non-anime TV shows, too. I'll consider them, too... I guess. If enough of these shows get nominated in the next few months, I'll probably do an early/non-July update later this year.


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