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During 2008, having started "Top TV Shows" lists already and becoming more interested in knowing my own TV/Movie/Novel interests, I tried to search out shows that might make the Top 15 list. Also, I went through the lists on Wikipedia to find show names that seemed familiar: the stuff I watched when I was in my pre-anime days (mostly cartoons and sitcoms). After all this, I decided to update the list before the end of the year, here's where I stand:

Dec. 2008 All-Time Top 15 TV shows
Rank Show Title Year/ Genre Chg. from July
1 Sliders (esp. seasons 1-3) 1995-2000/ Science-Fiction same
2 Lost 2004-now/ Sci-Fi Mystery same
3 Stargate SG-1 (esp. seasons 1-5) 1997-2007/ Science-Fiction same
4 Haibane Renmei 2002/ Anime Fantasy (new)
5 Firefly 2002-2003/ Space Western (new)
6 Stargate Atlantis 2004-now/ Science-Fiction -2
7 Touched by an Angel 1994-2003/ Family Drama (new)
8 Kino's Journey 2003/ Anime Adventure same
9 Star Trek: Voyager 1995-2001/ Science-Fiction -4
10 Reboot 1994-2001/ CGI Adventure -3
11 Star Trek: The Next Generation 1987-1994/ Science-Fiction -5
12 Doctor Who (the new series) 2005-now/ Science-Fiction -3
13 Paranoia Agent 2004/ Anime Horror-Mystery -2
14 Day Break 2006/ Action Thriller (new)
15 Outlaw Star 1998/ Anime Science-Fantasy same
Deleted: Cowboy Bebop, Ghost In The Shell, 24, The Outer Limits

As usual, this list packed a couple of surprises. Haibane Renmei was the only new series resulting from my deliberate attempt to find new shows, the others are actually shows I'd seen before and, in the case of Touched by an Angel, ones that probably would've been on earlier lists if I'd thought about them. Here are some bullet-points about this updated list:

Now I'll know what DVDs to buy with my Christmas money. ;-)

Once again, Merry Christmas! (and remember that it's not about DVDs, it's about Jesus)


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