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Will build websites for food

This week I confronted a bill that I can't pay on time. Uh Oh. Most of us have been in this situation before, most of us would rather not be. After looking through three months of my financial history, I determined that Waterman payed the bills just fine and keeps gas in the Supra well enough, but my paycheck stalls out at the food store (*caugh* Taco Bell *caugh*), and I haven't even paid for new hardware, car repairs, or "insurance doesn't cover this" doctor visits!

Sigh, time for a PT job... overtime would cover it, and was slowing down the process a lot until a couple of months ago. Naturally, I'd prefer to build more websites. So, any work? Looks like I'll find out soon. Failing that, there's always Global Prospects :-P

Need a website, or just some compu-related work done? Contact Me.


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