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Your AVCA fixx... now in one handy database

From the beginning, the Audio/Video Component Archive has been a hit. The archive was built with trend-tracking in mind (like how much the price of CD players has fallen since 1983, for example) at the model-by-model level. The most popular use of it, apparently, is looking up info for current eBay auction items. Users occasionally toss me some info that's not already up.

Originally a handful of HTML pages, then Excel spreadsheets... the AVCA is switching to a flexible MySQL database. The archive has been in-and-out of "hibernation" for 5 years, now it's out of it for good... but now it needs more than a facelift. I'm working now to add newer models, pushing past the original 1996/1997-line cutoff still evident on the old JVC, Yamaha, Panasonic, Pioneer, and even Sony* pages. *Sony info is being imported right now, that "old" page may not be there in a few days.

I hope to have the updated info (including pictures) up in a few months.


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