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Yup, It's a Trilogy

This Falling Eden: WIP

Last month I began editing my second novel , This Falling Eden, into its official First Draft. As part of this process I've been shoring up Parts I, II, and III to become Books I, II, and III, making each part more self-contained with their story arcs and minor characters. After editing the prologue and first five scenes - which took longer than expected - I'm estimating a higher word count than before. 160K was already pushing it for a single novel. ;)

In light of this length, and my growing confidence in this as a trilogy, I'll just go ahead and make the call: It's a trilogy for sure. Some things change as a result, like my definition of "chapters". Instead of 10 long chapters (divided into 4 or 5 scenes) in each of the three parts, the scenes themselves will now be chapters. So Part I became the entire book and it's divided into 50 chapters. The first 6 are edited.

I've decided to keep "This Falling Eden" as the title of the trilogy and the first book (The Hunger Games does this). The second novel will be "This Falling Sea" and the third will be "This Falling Tower". Eden will be finished as an official First Draft and go to test readers. Sea and Tower will get a little bit of work next year, but will remain in their Rough Drafts. Now I'm only writing one novel instead of three at once. LOL

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