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FM Best Catches

ChCallsCitykmkWVideoTimes Logged (latest)IBOCNotes
Most Distant E-Skip
93.5KLMRLamar, CO2,322100.01 (2014) Es"Kool 93.5"
92.3WMMEAugusta, ME2,25850.01 (2016) Es"92 Moose"
89.3KCMPNorthfield, MN2,25097.61 (2016) EsEs"The Current"1
91.1KANZGarden City, KS2,177100.01 (2014) Es"High Plains Public Radio"
94.9CIMFGatineau, QC2,17384.0 0 (tentative) Esfrench
Shortest E-Skip
88.9WKVCNorth Myrtle Beach, SC [NC]899100.01 (2015) Es"K-Love"
107.9WLNKCharlotte, NC981100.01 (2015) EsEs
91.7WSGEDallas, NC9867.51 (2015) Es
89.3WRKFBaton Rouge, LA1,00028.0 1 (2017) Es2
89.3WTEBNew Bern, NC1,04199.01 (2017) Es"Public Radio East"
Farthest Tropo
93.3KGSRCedar Park, TX1,639100.0 1 (2014) TrAAA
105.3KSMGSeguin, TX1,63897.51 (2014) Tr"Magic 105.3"
93.3KITEPort Lavaca, TX1,490100.01 (2014) Tr
101.7KNTEBay City, TX1,42535.01 (2014) Tr"La Ranchera"
107.5KGLKLake Jackson, TX1,34795.01 (2014) Tr"The Eagle"
Farthest Low-Power Stations via Tropo
104.5W283ANAltamonte Springs, FL2310.2211 (2015) Tr"The Beat"
102.9W275AXBartow, FL1530.240 1 (2014) Tr"Polk Countys Home For Classic Hits"3,4
100.5W263BTClewiston, FL990.250 1 (2016) Tr"WAFC"3
107.5W298AVEnglewood, FL630.250 1 (2014) Tr"WENG"
99.7W259CCImmokalee, FL530.250 (semi-local)spanish MX, "La Ley" //92.1
Lowest Power via E-Skip
104.3WSKEEverett, PA1,5280.8201 (2015) Es"Cool Country"
92.3WVSLRiverside, PA1,6690.9301 (2015) Es
103.7WCXRLewisburg, PA1,6610.9501 (2015) Es"Rock 99.3 and 103.7 WZXR"
90.7WVMCMansfield, OH1,5751.5501 (2016) Es
93.1KBDZPerryville, MO1,4461.61 (2015) Es
Northernmost IDed
88.5WIABMackinaw City, MI2,11950.0 1 (2017) Es"Classical IPR"
Southernmost IDed
88.9TGGUGuatemala City, GTM1,604N/A1 (2015) Es5
Westernmost IDed
93.5KLMRLamar, CO2,322100.01 (2014) Es"Kool 93.5"
Easternmost IDed
89.7WRTUSan Juan, PR1,87050.0 1 (2017) Es2

1 HD calls only
3 local off
4 parallel to sister frequency
5 distance to city

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EGRABOW.COM and its original content Copyright 1999-2018 Ryan Grabow. May be reproduced in good faith unless otherwise stated.