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Interactive Logbook (Fort Myers only)

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ChCallsCitykmkWVideoTimes Logged (latest)IBOCNotes
88.1WJISVenice, FL72100.0 (local)Llchristian AC, "The Joy FM"
88.3WPOZUnion Park, FL22613.0 3 (2016) TrTr"Z 88.3"
88.9WQCSFort Pierce, FL170100.0 (semi-local)Trpublic
89.1WKSVThompson, OH1,68650.01 (2014) EsEs
89.3KCMPNorthfield, MN2,25097.61 (2016) EsEs"The Current"1
89.5WETSJohnson City, TN1,09866.01 (2015) EsEs
89.5KHCDSalina, KS2,007100.0 1 (2014) EsEs1
89.7WUSFTampa, FL13571.0 (semi-local)Trpublic
89.7WGBHBoston, MA1,99798.01 (2016) EsEs1
90.1WGCUFort Myers, FL18100.0 (local)Llpublic
90.5WBVMTampa, FL13577.0 4 (2017) TrTr
90.5WESAPittsburgh, PA1,55225.01 (2015) EsEs1
91.3WLRNMiami, FL18047.0 1 (2015) TrTr
91.5WCIENew Port Richey, FL18975.0 4 (2017) TrTr
92.1WCTQVenice, FL7911.5 (semi-local)Tr2
92.1KTBTBroken Arrow, OK1,70927.01 (2016) EsEs"The Beat"1
92.3WWKAOrlando, FL22499.0(very common)Tr1
92.5WFSXEstero, FL4225.0 (local)Ll
92.5WYUUSafety Harbor, FL15950.07 (2017) TrTr
93.1WFEZMiami, FL18398.0 (semi-local)TrAC, "Easy 93.1"1
93.3WFLZTampa, FL13297.0 (semi-local)Tr
93.3WJBTCallahan, FL41598.0 1 (2014) TrTr1
93.7KDKAPittsburgh, PA1,55241.01 (2015) EsEs
94.1WLLDLakeland, FL112100.0 (semi-local)Trhip hop, "Wild 94.1"
94.5WCFBDaytona Beach, FL25897.5 4 (2016) TrTr
94.9WWRMTampa, FL13297.3(semi-local)TrAC, "Magic 94.9"1
94.9WZTUMiami Beach, FL18398.0 1 (2017) TrTrspanish, "Tu FM"3
95.3WOLZFort Myers, FL2079.0 (local)Lllite, "OLZ"
95.5WLDIJuno Beach, FL154100.0 1 (2017) TrTr1
95.7WBTPClearwater, FL163100.02 (2015) TrTr
96.1WRXKBonita Springs, FL37100.0 (local)Ll"K-Rock"
96.5WPOWMiami, FL17998.0 2 (2015) TrTr
96.5WDBOOrlando, FL22499.0 (very common)Tr1
97.1WSUNHoliday, FL18911.51 (2015) TrTralt rock, "97 X"1
97.3WFLCMiami, FL17998.0 1 (2015) TrTr1
97.9WXTBClearwater, FL189100.0 1 (2014) TrTr"98 Rock"1
98.1WKDDMunroe Falls, OH1,62850.01 (2015) EsEs"KDD"1
98.7WHFSHolmes Beach, FL17050.0 1 (2014) TrTr1
98.7WKGRWellington, FL17150.0 (semi-local)TrAC, "The Gator"
99.1WEDRMiami, FL179100.0 1 (2015) TrTr1
99.3WWCNFort Myers Beach, FL2345.0 (local)Llsports, "ESPN"
99.5WQYKSt. Petersburg, FL14899.0 2 (2014) TrTr"QYK"1
99.5WIHTWashington, DC1,44822.01 (2015) EsEs1
99.9WKISBoca Raton, FL182100.01 (2015) TrTr"Kiss Country"
100.1WZJZPort Charlotte, FL1384.0 (local)Lltop 40, "Y 100"
100.7WHYIFort Lauderdale, FL17998.04 (2015) TrTr"Y 100"
101.1WAVVNaples Park, FL63100.0 (local)Lllite, "Wave 101.1"
101.1WJRRCocoa Beach, FL22595.0 3 (2016) TrTr
101.5WPOISt. Petersburg, FL13297.1(semi-local)Trtop 40, "Hot 101.5"
101.5WKXWTrenton, NJ1,66315.51 (2016) EsEs1
101.9WQMPDaytona Beach, FL25490.0 1 (2016) TrTr4
102.3WMBXJensen Beach, FL171100.0 (semi-local)TrR&B, "X 102.3"
102.5WHPTSarasota, FL8987.0 (local)Trtalk, "The Bone"
103.5WMIBFort Lauderdale, FL18398.01 (2015) TrTr"The Beat"1
103.5WTOPWashington, DC1,44644.02 (2015) EsEs5
103.9WXKBCape Coral, FL37100.0 (local)Lltop 40, "B 103.9"
104.1WTKSCocoa Beach, FL22594.02 (2015) TrTr1
104.3WAXYMiramar, FL180100.01 (2015) TrTrsports, "The Ticket"
104.3WOMCDetroit, MI1,772190.01 (2015) EsEs5
104.7WRBQTampa, FL16199.0 (very common)Tr
105.1WHQTCoral Gables, FL17998.01 (2015) TrTr"Hot 105"
105.1WOMXOrlando, FL22594.03 (2016) TrTr"Mix 105.1"1
105.5WBTTNaples Park, FL4223.5 (local)Llhip hop, "The Beat"
105.5WDUVNew Port Richey, FL18933.0 1 (2016) TrTr"The Dove"1
105.9WTZBEnglewood, FL7125.0 (local)Trclassic rock, sports, "Z 105"
106.3WJPTFort Myers, FL2350.0 (local)Lllite, "Sunny 106.3"
106.7WXDJFort Lauderdale, FL182100.0 1 (2015) TrTr
107.1WCKTLehigh Acres, FL4223.5 (local)Ll"Cat Country"
107.3WXGLSt. Petersburg, FL170100.0(very common)Trclassic rock, "The Eagle"1
107.5WGPRDetroit, MI1,75950.01 (2015) EsEs"Hot 107.5"
107.7WMGFMount Dora, FL25498.02 (2016) TrTr
107.7WWWTManassas, VA1,40529.01 (2015) EsEs
107.9WSRZCoral Cove, FL7947.0 (local)TrAC
107.9WLNKCharlotte, NC981100.01 (2015) EsEs
107.9WDSYPittsburgh, PA1,55617.5 2 (2016) EsEs
107.9WCRZFlint, MI1,83250.01 (2015) EsEs1

1 HD calls only
2 originally WLTQ
3 originally WMGE
4 originally WJHM

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