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ChCallsCitymikWVideoTimes Logged (latest)Notes
2KJWP /2Wilmington, DE [PA]9989.360 1 (2017) EsMeTV
4WACP /4Atlantic City, NJ98810.0 1 (2017) Es1
6WPVI /6Philadelphia, PA1,00634.0 0 (tentative) EsABC
7WFLA /8Tampa, FL9132.032 (2017) Tr
7WSVN /7Miami, FL111158.0 3 (2017) Tr
7WJHG /7Panama City, FL34367.01 (2014) Tr
8WOFT-LDOrlando, FL1403.0 0 (tentative) Tr
9WALAMobile, AL45929.0 0 (tentative) Tr
10WTSP /10St. Petersburg, FL8269.0 8 (2017) Tr
10WPLG /10Miami, FL114128.0 2 (2017) Tr
11WESH /2Daytona Beach, FL14254.920 (2017) Tr
12WTVT /13Tampa, FL8972.035 (2017) Tr
12WPTV /5West Palm Beach, FL10250.0 6 (2017) Tr
13WEDU /3Tampa, FL9125.016 (2017) Tr
13WPEC /12West Palm Beach, FL10390.0 6 (2017) Tr
14WPDS-LDLargo, FL1093.448 3 (2017) Tr
15WBBH /20Fort Myers, FL111,000.0 (local)NBC
16WPBF /25Tequesta, FL951,000.0(very common)
16WCJB /20Gainesville, FL207344.013 (2017) Tr
17WKCF /18Clermont, FL1401,000.078 (2018) Tr
17WEAR /3Pensacola, FL4431,000.017 (2017) Tr
18WUVF-LD /51Naples, FL2615.0 (semi-local)UNI //WLZE-LD 51
18WSVT-CD /18Tampa, FL8915.0 20 (2016) Tr
18WPBT /2Miami, FL1141,000.0 6 (2017) Tr
18WECP-LD /18Panama City, FL34315.02 (2014) Tr
18WMAU /17Bude, MS631682.01 (2014) Tr
19WMOR /32Lakeland, FL821,000.0(very common)
19WSFL /39Miami, FL1111,000.06 (2017) Tr
19WIIQ /41Demopolis, AL5391,000.01 (2014) Tr
20WLZE-LD /51Fort Myers, FL815.0 (local)UNI
20WLRN /17Miami, FL112870.0 0 (tentative) Tr
20WMPV /21Mobile, AL446700.011 (2015) Tr
21WCLF /22Clearwater, FL891,000.0(very common)
21WDHNDothan, AL3851,000.03 (2017) TrABC
22WGPS-LP /22Fort Myers, FL1710.5 (local)Estrella
22WFOR /4Miami, FL1111,000.0 5 (2017) Tr
22WOFL /35Orlando, FL141607.026 (2016) Tr
22WHLT /22Hattiesburg, MS5571,000.03 (2014) Tr
23W23CN-D /44Sebring, FL605.550 1 (2017) Tr// WTOG 44
23WLTV /23Miami, FL1131,000.0 8 (2017) Tr
23WUCF /24Orlando, FL140950.040 (2017) Tr
23WDPM /18Mobile, AL446390.01 (2015) Tr
24WWSB /40Sarasota, FL7590.0(very common)
24WDOX-LDSebastian, FL993.01 (2014) Tr
24WPXC /21Brunswick, GA286790.01 (2018) TrION
25WFTT /62Venice, FL82750.0 (very common)2,3
25WFNA /55Gulf Shores, AL4581,000.05 (2015) Tr
26WKMG /6Orlando, FL150944.033 (2017) Tr
27WXEL /42West Palm Beach, FL101400.08 (2017) Tr
27WRDQ /27Orlando, FL1391,000.055 (2018) Tr
27WTXL /27Tallahassee, FL3111,000.02 (2015) Tr
27WKRG /5Mobile, AL4601,000.012 (2017) Tr
28WFLXWest Palm Beach, FL101630.032 (2017) Tr
28WGFL /28High Springs, FL216168.01 (2016) Tr"CBS 4"
28WTTO /21Homewood, AL562765.0 1 (2015) TrCW
29WFTS /28Tampa, FL841,000.0(very common)
30WSCV /51Fort Lauderdale, FL1141,000.017 (2017) Tr
30WEFS /68Cocoa, FL142300.0 6 (2017) Tr4
31WGCU /30Fort Myers, FL11297.0 (local)PBS
32WTTA /38St. Petersburg, FL841,000.0(very common)
32WBFS /33Miami, FL1131,000.0 1 (2017) Tr
32WFSU /11Tallahassee, FL311938.01 (2014) Tr
33WRXY /49Tice, FL81,000.0 (local)CTN
34WUSF /16Tampa, FL91475.046 (2017) Tr
34WTVX /34Fort Pierce, FL951,000.0(very common)
34WHBR /33Pensacola, FL4481,000.02 (2015) Tr
35WFTX /36Cape Coral, FL9930.0 (local)Fox
36WPXP /67Lake Worth, FL1031,000.0 11 (2018) Tr
36WUFT /5Gainesville, FL2111,000.04 (2017) TrPBS
36WTVY /4Dothan, AL [FL]3751,000.0 1 (2017) Tr1
36WWL /4New Orleans, LA5481,000.01 (2014) Tr1
38WSPF-CD /35St. Petersburg, FL9015.04 (2017) Tr
38WTCE /21Fort Pierce, FL1071,000.047 (2018) Tr
38WFSG /56Panama City, FL36049.22 (2014) Tr
39WSNN-LD /39Sarasota, FL658.53 (2016) TrSNN5
39WFTV /9Orlando, FL139295.0 26 (2018) Tr
39WLOX /13Biloxi, MS524715.02 (2014) Tr
40W40CU-D /33St. Petersburg, FL982.7 3 (2017) Tr
40WBEC /63Boca Raton, FL1141,000.0 4 (2017) Tr
40WACX /55Leesburg, FL1401,000.028 (2018) Tr
40WTWC /40Tallahassee, FL [GA]312462.04 (2015) Tr1
40WPANFort Walton Beach, FL40833.5 0 (tentative) Tr
41WZVN /26Naples, FL111,000.0 (local)ABC
42WXPX /66Bradenton, FL82257.0 (very common)
42WHDT /9Stuart, FL101700.03 (2017) Tr
42WJXT /4Jacksonville, FL249976.02 (2018) Tr
43WWDT-CD /43Naples, FL1215.0 (local)TEL
44WTOG /44St. Petersburg, FL83550.0(very common)
44WJEB /59Jacksonville, FL2491,000.01 (2018) TrTBN
45WXCW /46Naples, FL81,000.0 (local)CW
46WHFT /45Miami, FL1131,000.0 2 (2017) Tr
46WTGL /45Leesburg, FL1401,000.0 15 (2017) Tr
46WCTV /6Thomasville, GA3031,000.02 (2017) TrCBS
46WCTU-LD /46Pensacola, FL42415.01 (2014) Tr
47WFTT /50Tampa, FL91650.035 (2017) Tr
47WAMI /69Hollywood, FL1141,000.0 2 (2017) Tr
47WPCT /46Panama City Beach, FL345132.01 (2014) Tr
48WFUN-LD /48Miami, FL11215.0 1 (2013) Tr
48WOPX /56Orlando, FL1151,000.05 (2017) Tr
48WFBDDestin, FL [AL]4241,000.0 1 (2014) Tr
49WVEN /26Daytona Beach, FL166120.06 (2017) TrUNI
49WAWD /58Fort Walton Beach, FL40532.01 (2014) Tr
50WINK /11Fort Myers, FL101,000.0 (local)CBS
51WLZE-LD /51Fort Myers, FL89.1 (defunct local)UNI
51WHLV /52Cocoa, FL1471,000.0 4 (2017) Tr
51WBIF /51Marianna, FL34350.0 1 (2017) Tr

1 PSIP only
2 call letters changed
3 originally WVEA
4 originally WBCC
5 originally WLWN-LD

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