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All Logged Stations From Fort Myers, FL

ChCallsCitykmkWVideoTimes Logged (latest)IBOCNotes
15WBBH /20Fort Myers, FL181,000.0 (local)NBC
18WUVF-LD /51Naples, FL4215.0 (semi-local)UNI //WLZE-LD 51
20WLZE-LD /51Fort Myers, FL1315.0 (local)UNI
22WGPS-LP /22Fort Myers, FL2710.5 (local)Estrella
31WGCU /30Fort Myers, FL18297.0 (local)PBS
33WRXY /49Tice, FL131,000.0 (local)CTN
35WFTX /36Cape Coral, FL14930.0 (local)Fox
41WZVN /26Naples, FL181,000.0 (local)ABC
43WWDT-CD /43Naples, FL2015.0 (local)TEL
45WXCW /46Naples, FL131,000.0 (local)CW
50WINK /11Fort Myers, FL161,000.0 (local)CBS
51WLZE-LD /51Fort Myers, FL139.1 (defunct local)UNI
88.3WBIYLaBelle, FL369.0 (local)spanish
88.5WJCBClewiston, FL943.0 (semi-local)christian
88.7WDLVFort Myers, FL3775.0 (local)christian AC, "K-Love"1,2
89.5WAYJNaples, FL65100.0 (local)christian AC, "Way FM"
90.1WGCUFort Myers, FL18100.0 (local)Llpublic
90.5WGGM-LPFort Myers, FL60.090 (local)R&B, caribbean, "Star 90.5"
90.9WSORNaples, FL4136.0 (local)christian, "Moody Radio"
91.3WSEBEnglewood, FL4762.0 (local)christian MX
91.5WJYOFort Myers, FL203.0 (local)christian AC, "Kingdom FM"
91.5WPSFClewiston, FL961.2 1 (2017) Trrock, "Call FM"3
91.7WVIJPort Charlotte, FL391.9 (local)christian MX, "Victory FM"
91.9WMYEFort Myers, FL131.2 (local)christian MX, "Call FM"
91.9WTIRBrighton Reservation, FL1022.81 (2016) Tr3
92.1WAFZImmokalee, FL645.6 (local)spanish MX, "La Ley"
92.5WFSXEstero, FL4225.0 (local)Ll
92.9WIKXCharlotte Harbor, FL44100.0 (local)"Kix Country"
93.3WWDH-LPFort Myers, FL60.033 (local)R&B, "Tiger FM"
93.7WXNXSanibel, FL2043.0 (local)rock, "93 X"
94.1W231DCFort Myers, FL230.250 (local)sports, "Fox Sports Radio"4,5
94.5WARONaples, FL4199.0 (local)rock, "The Arrow"
95.3WOLZFort Myers, FL2079.0 (local)Lllite, "OLZ"
95.7pirateLehigh Acres, FL15N/A (local)haitian
96.1WRXKBonita Springs, FL37100.0 (local)Ll"K-Rock"
96.5W243BMSuncoast Estates, FL70.250 (local)spanish MX, "Playa 98.1"
96.9WINKFort Myers, FL16100.0 (local)AC
97.3W247AQTropical Gulf Acres, FL40.250 (local)sports, "The Fan" //1240 AM
97.7WTLQPunta Rassa, FL2314.5 (local)spanish MX, "Latino"
98.1W251ALFort Myers, FL270.230 (local)spanish MX, "Playa 98.1"
98.5WLVOSan Carlos Park, FL2018.5 (local)spanish, "Radio Nueva Vida"6
98.9WBCGMurdock, FL475.5 (local)AC
98.9WGUFMarco, FL766.0 (semi-local)talk
99.3WWCNFort Myers Beach, FL2345.0 (local)Llsports, "ESPN"
99.7WQXY-LPFort Myers, FL50.023 (local)"EZ 99.7"4,7
99.7W259CCImmokalee, FL530.250 (semi-local)spanish MX, "La Ley" //92.1
100.1WZJZPort Charlotte, FL1384.0 (local)Lltop 40, "Y 100"
100.5W263BIFort Myers, FL130.250 (local)christian AC, "Way FM" //89.5
100.5W263BTClewiston, FL990.250 1 (2016) Tr"WAFC"3
100.7WZQR-LPBokeelia, FL260.1 (defunct local)1
101.1WAVVNaples Park, FL63100.0 (local)Lllite, "Wave 101.1"
101.5W268AHBonita Springs, FL420.099 (semi-local)talk //770 AM
101.9WWGRFort Myers, FL37100.0 (local)"Gator Country"
102.3W272BMFort Myers Beach, FL230.080 (local)christian MX, "Call FM" //91.9
102.9WJGOTice, FL2396.0 (local)AC, "Bob FM"
103.3W277APBayshore, FL70.038 (local)talk, "Fox News" //92.5
103.9WXKBCape Coral, FL37100.0 (local)Lltop 40, "B 103.9"
104.3W282BYFort Myers, FL70.250 (local)talk //770 AM
104.7WSGLNaples, FL6420.0 (local)top 40, "The Mix"
104.9WCVUSolana, FL306.0 (local)lite, "Sea View 104.9"
105.1W286AKNaples, FL640.099 (semi-local)spanish MX, "Playa 98.1"
105.3WZSPNocatee, FL564.1(local)spanish MX, "La Zeta"
105.5WBTTNaples Park, FL4223.5 (local)Llhip hop, "The Beat"
106.3WJPTFort Myers, FL2350.0 (local)Lllite, "Sunny 106.3"
106.7W294ANFort Myers Beach, FL230.250 (local)christian talk, "Relevant Radio" //1410
107.1WCKTLehigh Acres, FL4223.5 (local)Ll"Cat Country"
107.5W298CBMelbourne, FL50.099 (local)R&B, "WZKO" //1350 AM
107.7WFUG-LPLehigh Acres, FL270.1 (local)spanish MX, "Aviva Radio"
107.7W299BJNaples, FL530.055 (semi-local)religious, "Call FM"

1 posthumous logging, date is approximate
2 originally WNPS
3 local off
4 station returned to air
5 originally W251BF
6 originally WDEO
7 originally WZKO-LP

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