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v7-age to resume

Well, now that the ice cream cake is gone and the birthday check$ are cashed, it's time to get back to business.

Wake Up! Pro Alpha was ready for release on the 9th, but for reasons I have yet to discover, it wouldn't 'compile' properly (run outside of the development environment). Project W25's deadline has been cancelled and no new dates will be set... things just aren't cooperating. The first release will be a BETA again, and while I'm hopeful it will be soon, I've decided that EG will get WUP's time just like I scheduled. If WUP can't stick to a schedule, maybe web development can. That would be ironic...

Mid and late July will go for this website and egrabow_NTC. The upgrade to Version 7 hit all the important pages in January, and creeped into a few more since... now I want to finish the rest of them, putting in some badly needed updates (Media Page, History Page) while I'm at it.

Comments are, as usual, welcome!


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