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Sony TCK777

Home Cassette Recorder - 1981, 82

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Sony TCK777
3 Heads (can monitor tape during recording)Full Logic Tape ControlsDolby B Noise ReductionHeadphone Output

Full Logic Tape Controls
(Optional) Wired Remote [RM-50 or RM-80]
(Optional) System Control
    inc. Auto Phono Rec [RM-65]
Timer Compatible
Digital Counter
    with Zero Stop
Dolby B Noise Reduction
I/II/III/IV Bias Switch/ Fine Bias
30-Segment Level Meters
Rec Mute
Variable & Fixed RCA Outs
Headphone Output
3 Heads
2 Motors
    with Direct Drive
S/N Ratio: 60 dB (NR off)
0.025% Wow & Flutter
Silver Chassis
430 x 105 x 390mm WHD
9.5 kg.

The TCK777 was originally sold in stores for $625 (click to see this in 2024 dollars)
Sources: Sony, Stereo Discounters Electronic World, various eBay listings

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