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Model Year19951995201219921997Remote [RC-F2]Y       Clock w/ 2-Event On/Off TimerY       Multibrand Remote [RM-AAP080]  Y     IR Repeater  Y     Auto Standby  Y     TV GUI  Y     Sleep TimerY Y     MuteY       Equalizer w/ 4 PresetsY       Spectrum AnalyzerY       4 Surround EffectsY       2ch Receiver w/ 30w x2 RMS w/ .50% THDY       1 InputY       Mic In (Front)/ KaraokeY       Sub PreoutY       Display Dimmer  Y     DLNA Ethernet w/ WiFi & Party Streaming  Y     Bluetooth 2.1 (9 Devices)  Y     RS-232C Port  Y     HDMI System Control  Y     12v Trigger  Y     Learning Remote [CU-VSX116] w/ Backlight    Y   Jog Dial    Y   "SR" System Control    Y   100w x2 RMS w/ .09% THD  Y Y   A/B Speakers w/ Bi-Amp  Y     100w x7 Surround  Y     Auto Volume w/ Mute  Y     A/B Speakers    Y   100w x5 Surround    Y   Bass/Treble  Y Y   Test Tone w/ Auto Calibrate [ECM-AC2]  Y     Dolby Digital EX/ TrueHD  Y     Dolby Pro Logic IIz  Y     DTS-ES/ -HD Master Audio  Y     3 Video (1 Front)/ 2 Audio Inputs inc. Tape  Y     2 Compnt Vid Ins  Y     1 Coax/ 2 Optical Ins (0/0 Outs)  Y     6 HDMI Ins w/ Upconvert  Y     1 USB Port (Front)  Y     0-300ms Output Delay  Y     Input Naming  Y     2 Sub Preouts  Y     2nd Room Out inc. HDMI & Compnt Video  Y     Full Logic w/ Quick Auto Reverse   Y    Remote   Y    "SR" System Control inc. Auto CD Rec   Y    Timer Compatible   Y    Track SearchY  Y    Digital CounterY  Y    B NRY  Y    C NR   Y    "Auto BLE" Auto Bias   Y    HX Pro   Y    MPX   Y    10-Segment Level Meters w/ Peak Hold   Y    Rec Mute   Y    Test Tone    Y   5 DSP Soundfields    Y   Dolby Digital/AC-3    Y   Dolby Pro Logic w/ 3 Stereo    Y   4 Video (1 Front)/ 2 Audio Inputs inc. Phono & Tape    Y   1 Coax/ 1 Optical Ins    Y   "TAPE 2" Switchable Adaptor Ports    Y   Ctr/Sub Preouts    Y   Headphone OutY YYY   AM/FM Digital Tuner w/ 13.2 dBf FM Sens.Y       20 PresetsY       Dual Well Cassette Recorder w/ 1/2 HeadsY       Full LogicY       CD RecY       Auto BiasY       3-Disc CD Changer w/ 8cm PlaybackY       20-Track CalendarY       32-Track ProgrammingY       Digital Tuner w/ 11.2 dBf FM Sens.    Y   350 µV/m AM Sens.    Y   30 Presets    Y   Switched AC Out    Y   8.0 kg. (main unit)Y       2-Way Stereo Speakers [LS-F2]Y       Digital Tuner w/ AM/ FM Stereo  Y     30 FM/ 30 AM Presets  Y     Station Naming  Y     MP3/WMA/AAC Playback  Y     iPhone/iPad Ctrl  Y     Built-In Sony Entertainment Network App  Y     2 Heads   Y    2 Motors   Y    S/N Ratio: 57 dB (NR off)   Y    0.055% Wow & Flutter   Y    Price when new$450   $800   

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