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Home CD Player - ES Series - 1997?

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TOSLINK Optical Digital OutputCoaxial Digital OutputWireless Remote Control IncludedHeadphone Output

Remote [RM-D921]
15-Track Calendar
A-B Repeat
Variable Intro Scan
24-Track Programming
"Custom File" 224-Disc Program Delete
Direct Track Access
Audible Seek
Index Play/ Custom Index
Cassette Dub
    with Auto Space & Peak Search & Fader
Variable & Fixed RCA Outs
Coaxial Digital Output
TOSLINK Optical Digital Output
Headphone Output
Fixed Laser Pickup?
Disc Stabilizer
S/N Ratio: 119 dB?
Copper EM Shield?
Black or Champaign Chassis
430 x 125 x 370mm WHD
13.5 kg.

Sources: Instruction Manual,,, entry for CDPXA7ES

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