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2005: A Year in Review

January 1, 2005 was eons ago. I was eight months out of college, still working at the job I got in High School to make the loan payments. Last January was a big downer for me. Job Search '04 went on so long I re-named it Job Search '05, and while WFTX in Florida seemed promising last January... none of the openings there panned out (or even existed!).

2005 was different things to different people, especially for those in New Orleans! As for myself, 2005 was defined simply as: "New York's Last Stand." Several things happened (or began to happen) in the first two months of '05 that led to my decision to move out of New York, my big event of the year. The self-kicking for still working at Wendy's was bad enough, but my Shift Supervisor responsibilities began sliding back to Crew work. I threw what I could into looking for work inside and outside of New York, but anything that wasn't crumbling under my feet was just doing nothing. Of course, if you asked me then where I was working, I would've said "Love 96.1 FM". The radio station helped a little... for my bank account (I was recovering from the Supra's expensive and bumpy start) and for my sanity... but I needed something solid, something real.

When my stepfather, John McLellan, left his job at WFTX he gave me another shot at a job there and also something I could use in any case.   John took over production at First Assemblies of God in Fort Myers, and said I could come down and do camera whenever I wanted. Now there was something to do, but I'd have to move and give up both jobs in NY. The signs seemed to be pointing to Florida, and after little inspiration I decided to give New York one last try (so I couldn't kick myself later for missing out on anything). In the spring, I neglected all of my personal projects (including maintenance of and put every resource I had to the Job Search. While the one interview I got in Manhattan was lovely, it too went nowhere. In the last month before my "deadline", I realized that... I didn't want to work in New York anymore.

My self-imposed ban on EG work was lifted with a vengance in late June/early July, as's index page and "Stuff Page" had signs announcing the number of days until I left New York. My creative work for Wendy's (over more than 6 years!) went on display, and I modified a slogan Blockbuster Video recently used for my own ends. The numbers "7/9/5" represented my last day at Wendy's and printed with them... "The End of Uhhhh, The Start of More". After coming home on my last day, I took down the Wendy's page and replaced the "NEW YORK RESIDENCY ENDS x DAYS" signs with one that you see just before driving off Staten Island...

"The Start of More"? It could've been the start of me being broke and jobless! It took a lot of prayer, but this felt right. The trip down in the Supra was surprisingly uneventful. I began at the church immediately, and it felt good to be behind the camera again. Job Search '05 continued, without the time-eating hassle of an existing job. I had at about three months before the money dried up, but it didn't take one. On August 2nd, "Global Prospects", a telemarketing firm in Fort Myers, became Job #5. It was a Part-Time job and one that I didn't want long (cause telemarketing sucks sending or receiving). Much to my relief, the search ended only two days later... on the bullseye .

With the Job Search out of the way, the apartment search began. I found a saturated market with a three month waiting list. Fortunately, the new job gave me access to an unlisted opening when the main sports guy moved to Salt Lake City, and I got to move in with his crazy retired-sports-guy-but-not-retired-crazed-USC-fan roommate, TOM JAMES!

Oh yeah, some other stuff happened, too! My niece, Sabrina Waurio was born on July 12 .

The yagi antenna I got in 2003 came into use in May, I had the antenna for two years, and used it for about eight weeks. The logs are up on my DX Page .

I switched to Earthlink when I moved out of Massapequa (since cable internet access wasn't gonna be free anymore).

Hurricane Wilma knocked power out for a week and I scored some overtime.

My cell phone went missing.

And... fell into the control of an evil supervillian. (or just a guy named Peter Elia) Click!


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