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2012 Rescan

The last time I did a comprehensive update on my local AM/FM/TV lists was 2006. I'd just settled after the move to NY and was again an active DXer. I was also still trying to create a regular shortwave listening schedule. Now, NY is out of the rear view mirror, DXing is dormant again, and everything good on shortwave has decided to stream online instead. 2006's lists just don't apply anymore.

Of course, media changes quickly. The forced switch to digital TV occured in 2009 and I've had to look up the new RF channels over and over again since. It'll be nice to put those on the list. And radio is legendary for format changes, in six years half of that list has changed.

Anyway, here are some highlights:

With the list mostly done I'll be changing some of my radio presets (I like to keep them consistent between devices). There're plenty of stations to go around. Something new I'm trying to do is integrate online streaming stations, especially TV, into my lineup. Since giving up cable I've done pretty well between the off-air stations and video sites online, but I'm trying to find proper 24/7 broadcasters that are (legally) streaming over the internet. Perhaps I can make myself miss cable less if not outright replace it. I don't believe all TV should be on-demand. Sometimes I just wanna sit down and channel surf. :)


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