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And now a word from the Department of Homeland... I mean Financial Security

Lean and Tapped

I've just crunched the numbers for the first full year since I moved from New York. No month got above "Lean", but fortunately none slipped as far as "Failing", either. Overtime from A-Team production helped boost income in the Spring, but serious problems arose when that show ended and the paycheck numbers fell. A cash holiday and part-time job kept things from falling apart too much, and now the storm seems to be passing (so to speak). A new auto insurance company and a second roommate have given 2007 a sunny forecast... and if overtime materializes to any real degree this spring, I may see something I haven't since June '05... a "Balanced" month. Anywho, here are some fun new statistics:

The Good:

and The Bad:

oh yeah, and The Food:


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