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Welcome to version 28.8. There were only a few days of planning and accordingly few changes: primarily the titles in the top navigation bar. This blog is now labeled "ramblings", for instance, and all the labels follow a loose theme. This is a change I was planning for 2015, but decided to go ahead with now.

Last month I announced the Audio/Video Component Archive is going away (again) , and sure enough it is gone from the navigation bar. My method of phasing it out, unfortunately, has changed... and sped up considerably.

I planned to "export" my data to, linking each AVCA entry to the new pages as I go. That idea stalled right out of the gate: the four year old site is less developed than I'd first thought, and it seems no one can create new pages ("Save Changes" just reloads the edit page). A couple of other sites were reconsidered, but they're more interested in photos (and not from catalogs) than concise summaries of features/specs. The info I'd accumulated here has no where to go.

*face palm*

The database is still being retired. I'm not keeping something I don't plan to finish. But rather than exporting offsite I've begun converting the database into a series of text files. So far every listing from 1976 through 1989 links to these files, and I'm hoping to have all of them by the end of July. This way the work I'd already done won't disappear from the internet, and it's clearly marked as public domain in case anyone wants to add it to a new database. Anyone who does this can contact me for the pictures.


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