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Before I hit RESET

I expect the promotion of Caffeine to continue for some time, but the more-intense editing stage is long over. Next month all of my energy will switch to my second novel, The Day The Rain Came Back, which had been thrown back to square one. However, there are two more Caffeine-related things I want to do while that book is still fresh in my mind.

Already in progress, I'm writing a sort of author commentary for Caffeine, a bit like the director commentary you'd get with a DVD. This is really for myself, lest the fog of time claim important details and I wonder "why'd I write the scene like that?" years down the road. As e-books advance, though, commentary may become a standard feature and I could then make my own public.

The second project is a film treatment entitled "Malvirai", based on Caffeine. My intention for this is a jumping-off point for interested filmmakers, since we never know when the Lord will give us opportunities. I've always thought the story would make a good film. Maybe I'll get to find out.

And finally, I encourage you to share your own experiences with the novel. Amazon is waiting. ManyBooks, GoodReads, Google, and the Internet Archive will take reviews, too.

Obligatory link to the Caffeine Page


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