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Driving Season Close

The other end of SR 80I've explored the state of Florida during two big road trips these past months. This weekend I made one smaller trip across the state to West Palm Beach. After a decade of tight budgets, I'm having a lot of fun filling up the gas tank and finally getting some miles on my car. The cooler season will be ending soon however (I hesitate to call it Florida's "dry season", since showers materialize during any weekend I go driving.), so I'll be slowing down as the brush fires start popping up and daily thunderstorms return. How long must I wait until my next big road trip? About four months. :D

Much better than the two year gaps I used to have between road trips. Going out of state avoids the thunderstorms too.

The TV bandscan for West Palm Beach is on YouTube, AM and FM scans are on the way. These may be the last videos until late summer. I need to work on this website's redesign, due for July. Busy busy busy...


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