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EG Ratings Week '04

You may have been wondering where I've been for the last week. Well, I've decided to not visit my own site during the week of March 14 so I could get an accurate (if not vague) reading of how many hits receives. You wanna know too? Well... take a look below.

# of visits (March 14-20, 2004)

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday TOTAL
542 520 586 470 474 428 570 3,590

Section by Section (March 1-21, 2004)

Section Entry URL % of visits
(none) 48.7
DX/Radio 9.1
Ryan Grabow Network 5.0
Stuff 2.5
About 1.5
EXIT 9 1.3
Feature Section Entry URL % of visits
Audio/Video Component Archive* within "Stuff" 23.8
Logo Gallery within "DX/Radio" 6.4

* = "in hibernation" (not being maintained at this time)

Most of EGs traffic comes from the Audio/Video Component Archive (part of this section - "STUFF"), which is for now "in hibernation" since I don't have nearly enough time to maintain it. All in all, EG got 3,590 visits, or an average of one visit every 2.8 minutes. (Hey, I'll take that.)


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