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Highlights From My YouTube Channel

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The first thousand is always the hardest.

This week my YouTube channel got its 1,000th subscriber. "egrabow440" over there goes back to 2009, although there wasn't much activity until my turn to DXing videos in late 2013. To commemorate this milestone let's have a look back at some of my favorite uploads. I've also marked this occasion in my latest bandscan video , which features Akron and is 1,000 seconds long. ;)

Fort Myers Radio Stations During Hurricane Irma
Since a nasty hurricane was coming my way I thought I'd document how my local radio stations handled it. Some were completely ignorant to the public interest, which is (supposed to be) the point of having their license, but I captured some bright spots too.

Local AM Bandscan for Seoul, South Korea (2016)
This was a collaboration with Chris Kadlec. I was eager to get a bandscan from outside the United States and since he was already making a compilation for Korea I asked if I could use his clips in exchange for some cross-promotion. Fortunately he was also able to get me translations, which I consider essential to enjoy foreign-language bandscans.

TV DX from South Florida 2: Cuba 1996-2004
This was a collaboration with Chris Dunne, and is among my most popular videos. Chris travels to the Florida Keys often and makes recordings of Cuba's TV stations. Alas, no translations this time, though spanish isn't exactly uncommon in Florida.

Local TV Bandscan for New York, NY (2015)
I suppose this is my flagship bandscan, focusing on America's largest TV market... and the one I happened to grow up in. Since I was in the area for several days (rather than overnight in a hotel room) I had time to record the clips I really wanted and even make a separate bandscan for Patchogue.

Fort Myers TV Stations Switch Off Analog (2009)
A remake of my first two circa-2009 YouTube videos, and the final part of a "Stuff I Still Had On VHS" series. (I was getting rid of my VCRs.) For this 2016 remake I added more footage and better graphics. This video proved a lot more popular than expected.

Daytime AM Bandscan for the NC Outer Banks (2015)
This was a stop along the drive from Florida to New York, and pretty far out of the way, but I can do bandscans wherever I want ha ha! This video didn't get many views but was a good demonstration of how the AM band can open up when you're far from *any local stations... and surrounded by ocean.

FM DX from Fort Myers, FL (Summer 2015 E-Skip Season) Parts 1 & 2
A compilation of FM catches from my best e-skip season to date. Needed to be split into two parts to fit all the awesome.

FM DX from Fort Myers, FL (Spring 2014 Tropo Season)
Another FM compilation, this time from my best tropo season to date. This is one of the first videos I show people to demonstrate what DXing is.

Mediumwave (AM Band) DXing in SE Alaska
Speaking of a wide-open AM band, try DXing from offshore Alaska! If you can wait a while for the sun to set (this was July) this very quiet band will allow excellent distances. This is when I made my record-setting catch of KXEL in Iowa, getting an excellent recording which even earned a comment from a station employee!

Local AM/FM Bandscans for Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan
My other major video from Alaska. The shot of my Sangean ATS-909X with downtown Ketchikan in the background was the bar against which all other visuals would be measured. The New York City AM Bandscan was as close as I ever came to matching it.

TV DX from Patchogue, NY (Tropo 1996-03)
This analog TV compilation was one of many made for DVD when I "retired" from DXing in 2009, and then uploaded four years later. Of those this video gets the most views, in spite of it being taken down and replaced (resetting the counter) about six months after upload. As I started making videos specifically for YouTube I learned to be more careful about copyrights.

Book Trailer: Caffeine
The only video on this list that has nothing to do with radio/TV, from the early era of my YouTube Channel when it was simply a social-media companion to This was a "trailer" for my first novel, made right after I found out book trailers were a thing. With a dose of my customary perfectionism and a lot of help from my friend Jackie Gomez I really blew YouTube's other trailers out of the water... except in views. :/

Behind The Static 2: Longer, Creepier, Uncut (Numbers Stations)
A video about Numbers Stations I made in college. It's in two parts because YouTube had a ten minute limit back in 2010. Over eight years Part One has amassed the most views for any video on my channel: over 57,000.

Now off my minions! Tell your friends, your family, your enemies! Bring me my next thousand subscribers! Mwu ha ha ha ha


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