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I'm now "Florida TV DX" on YouTube

After 12 years as "egrabow440", I've changed my YouTube channel name to "Florida TV DX".

The channel was originally pretty unfocused, an extension of this website where I hosted my video projects from school, Caffeine's book trailer, and other miscellaneous items. With a TV DXing hobby to fuel new content, though, it was only a matter of time before the non-DXing material got crowded out. The new name reflects what the channel has become and what videos my subscribers tend to watch.

FM DXing, and DX from other states, will not be excluded... but I've removed the non-DXing content. I'm also omitting the "FL"s from Florida cities in my video titles, since my home state is now implied by the name of the channel anyway. :)

I got a custom URL too. My channel is here:


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