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Let's Buy A Condo! (Again)

Inflation. Ever Higher!

While I'm enjoying life in Orlando, one of the setbacks of moving was letting go of my condo two years ago. I didn't want to rent it out - I'm not the landlord type - and staying there would've meant a three hour commute. I like driving, but no one likes driving that much. Besides, shopping for a new condo gives me the opportunity to apply lessons learned the first time around , like the need to avoid flood insurance mandates.

I've re-entered the market this month and, oof, it's even worse than last time. In spite of my stronger financial position in Q4 2021, the prices are higher and there's less room to haggle them down. It's the American DreamTM: Spend precarious amounts of money to put a roof over your head - any roof. For every dollar your paycheck goes up the rent/mortgage goes up five. Shameful that so many homeowners embrace and celebrate this. Every time I see these units marketed as "investments" (the word appears in 75% of listings) I wanna put my fist through the monitor... because that mentality offers buyers like me* more problems than solutions.

*buyers who... um... just want a place to live, while having money to buy other things too.

Hopefully there'll be something by the end of the month. I'm praying for the ol' divine intervention and reminding myself to be patient. The only thing I'm really impatient about is my book ; it's hard to focus on that important work with a move pending, plus the six-day work week I'm currently pulling.

"Forget it Jake. It's Real Estate."



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