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MySpace works again, v7ed

v7ed (vē-sĕv′ən-ēd) v. p.t.  To have made an page more awesome that it already was by redoing per the EG2007 standard. Purple monkey dishwasher.

I've been enjoying having broadband again for the past week. Now, I didn't have any huge problems with dial-up... except when I would visit YouTube or MySpace. Since the switch back, I've been hanging around both a lot more.

Fortunately, MySpace started accepting my login info again last week. I gave my page there a once over: changed the colors and graphics, typed an intro longer than two sentences, updated the blog with posts from this year... and I put some extra links to the Front Page for the next time MySpace develops issues.

Jumping around my friends' pages is a much easier process on broadband, so now I'm doing it more and even finding old friends in the process.. making them new friends again.

Here's a link to EG SP ( . Lemme know what you think.

Viva broadband!


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