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November Traffic: Wow!

The downloads of my novel, Caffeine, have jumped up impressively this month. In fact, about 44% of all downloads on have been in the past month. I've been finding more places to list the book and thinking of ways to tweak the Caffeine page ; with the Lord's blessing, it seems I did something right. I'm also hoping that word-of-mouth is picking up.

Since October 8, 2009, Caffeine has been viewed or downloaded over 6,200 times. Some surprises: has surged ahead of Manybooks as the top source (most of the e-book listings link to my page, or directly to the .pdf file), and Caffeine has even displaced Wake Up! Pro as this website's top download. On Manybooks, Caffeine is almost in the top 10% of its 29,000 e-books (still a big crowd). Google Books , though I love its tracking tools, has had disappointing traffic. Scribd, though promising, is a website that needs to be fixed. Someone has re-posted the Novel Format there (legal under its license) twice... maybe because the existing copy wasn't showing up in the site's search results. I'm glad someone there knows how to make it work.

I'm still unsure about Caffeine's availability on Kindles and smartphones. If anyone can help with that, please let me know .

As I inch closer to print publication, these numbers are certainly encouraging. Of course, 6,200 views/downloads wouldn't necessarily translate to 6,200 sales, or even 6,200 readers. Google, Scribd, and this site's chapter 1 preview are counted as "views," which are easily inflated (especially on Scribd): someone who doesn't read the entire book in one sitting (everyone) will be counted each time they come back to read more, so a chapter-a-day reader on Scribd will be counted 17 times :) Manybooks, the Internet Archive, and, on the other hand, are downloads: a more reliable, and still impressive, number.

Since January, I've been running ads on Google for the book, using the money I didn't spend printing and mailing to all those literary agents who represent Christian Science Fiction (I budgeted for 40 and found 1). This money has now been spent and the ads have been stopped, so we'll see how effective they were. November's numbers may cool off in December, but with your prayers and assistance they can stay there or continue upward. Tell your friends about the book and post about it on websites, upload the whole thing to where people will see it (as long as it's free).

Oh yeah, and write reviews. Manybooks and Google would be the best places (Google requires an account). Goodreads has a listing for Caffeine now, which I'm trying to improve, so you're welcome to post there as well.

Stay tuned for updates.


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