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Overexcitable? Moi?

I've considered myself a creative person for a long time. In elementary school, I was kind of a dunce but I had a few strengths and in those I liked to go beyond the assignment or to approach it unconventionally. The latter got a lot more prominent by the time I graduated college and the former had reversed itself. The Lord gives us all unique gifts to use in his service and I'd identified an active imagination as one of mine... and that was swell (after all, if you're reading this on, does the website look like a template or out-of-the-box thing? C'mon, this is expression!)... but an "A-Ha!" moment last week cleared things up even more.

In spite of the Wake Up! Pro article deletion, I've become an undeniable fan of Wikipedia and, on one of my after-work late-night Wiki-binges, I stumbled over this article , which led me to more info on overexcitability, which seems to explain why I'm on Wikipedia so much. Don't look now, but I think I'm "overexcitable!"


DON'T LOOK NOW BUT I THINK I'M OVEREXCITABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! (much better)

The links I followed from there seem to support my self-diagnosis, which was:

Psychomotor Overexcitability: Yes and no. I like to be energetic and unfortunately that leads me to interrupt people a lot, but controlling that isn't too hard.

Sensual Overexcitability: Yes. Sight, sound, feeling, taste and smell... collect all five senses and concentrate really hard. The senses aren't necessary sharper, but the signals sent via the nervous system run through the works a little more. It's like a heightened degree of awareness with my environment... all the time. I also like to experience/sense new things... this may explain why I don't mind standing out in the rain unnecessarily (but then when I get out of it, I want to dry off as quickly as possible. Wierdnesses abound.).

Intellectual Overexcitability: Yes, and more than I expected. Mind you, this doesn't make me a super genius, it just makes me more willing to try ;-) I don't think this developed much before middle school or I would have had way more scholarship money going though college (rats!). This would be the one that makes me hungry for Wiki and the internet in general.

Imaginational Overexcitability: When I found this as one of the five types, I decided it was a safe bet and haven't been proven wrong. I can create an entire universe in my mind just to answer a question and discard everything in five seconds (an exaggeration, but that's how it seems). Throw this in with the intellectual stuff and you find new ways to solve problems, to really think outside the box. This kind of overexcitability prevented me from showing my work in 10th grade math class (I'm digging a lot of Warning Signs out of my memory now) 'cause I didn't use any paper... or the solutions we were taught to use... oops! It's also safe to say that my interest in certain sci-fi series stemmed from this.

Emotional Overexcitability: Nope. No wonder I can do the Vulcan hand thing so well... emotions are illogical.

Positive Disintegration: It's like the Holy Spirit has been building a new wing onto my house and I've only now found out what to call it. In the 60's a Polish psychiatrist/psychologist wrote a theory on people altering their personalities/habits/values on an increasingly conscious level. The first time I read the article (again, total fluke), I just skimmed the key parts and only minutes later realized "Wait, that was interesting." The guy's theory seemed factual enough to me, because it did a good job of laying out what I'd been going through for the last 10 years and why few people around me seemed to follow suit.

I'm inclined to think that a lot more people have overexcitability than realize it, and apparently not everyone's development with it is positive. Now that I have a better definition of the "software anomaly in my head" (had to get a compu-reference in there somewhere), I'm eager to find out what the near future holds. After all, the more you know about a thing, the more you can use it. Praise the Lord!


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