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Wednesday, Feb 8th 

What Grabow's Rambling About Now

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About This Site

EGrabow HD is my home on the internet: serving as soap box, digital distribution center, and creative outlet. This is a place to express myself. If I like a design, have an opinion, or just want to play around... this website is where I can place it, post it, try it, whatever.

"HD" stands for "High Definition," but not in the HDTV/ consumer electronics sense. I've had this website since 2001, and in the time I've been here I've gone from teen to adult, New Yorker to Floridian, become a more spiritual person, and even discovered a desire for writing fiction. I've learned more about the man I am... as if becoming higher-definition myself. With reflecting this journey it was appropriate to give it the "HD" title. Besides, I like the branding.

New stuff is always popping up here... don't hesitate to let me know if there's anything I could do to make it better.

God Bless America God Bless Florida EGRABOW.COM's main sponsor... God

Grabow's Latest YouTube Video

A Sample From My Novel

What I saw next was like no place I'd seen before. I realized I was standing and that my eyes were open, staring into a black void. I lifted my head. The pain from the battle was gone. There was no sound. In the distance, a horizontal blue line wrapped around me, its faint light vibrating in a rapid, mesmerizing pulse. I lifted my arm and saw its skin was luminescent. I could see myself as if I were outside in daytime. Several meters in front of me stood the woman, facing to my left. She was holding her right hand in front of her face, moving its fingers as if she'd never seen such things before.

I attempted a step forward. My foot landed firmly on a surface I couldn't see. I inhaled and tried to clear my head. The air was very thin and my sense of smell was gone: the sweet aura known in Dynamic Reality was not there, the blood and sweat theme from the war game was not there, even the subtle city musk of the real world was not there. Everything was just... blank. I sliced my hand through the air and felt no resistance, as if I were in outer space. I felt like a fish without water. I knew I never needed air in the simulations, but it was always included, always accommodating the familiar inhale-exhale cycle. The complete lack of it felt stranger than I would have ever imagined.

"Are you recovered yet?"

I blinked and looked toward the infinitely distant band of light. "Where are we?"

She turned to analyze our surroundings. Her anger, what of it I'd been able to perceive, had gone. Her personality seemed naive and mechanical again.

"I call them 'absences,'" she said. "They are addresses which are not in use. The connections and hardware are not abused by ascenders in constructs, they have not been written or overwritten onto by control software. It is... peaceful."

"It's blank?"

Caffeine, Chapter 6

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EGRABOW.COM and its original content Copyright 1999-2023 Ryan Grabow. May be reproduced in good faith unless otherwise stated.