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DOOM is a Lie

Today my "published" status is settled. Caffeine, through Splashdown Books , is now available in print through Amazon and Smashwords. Big thanks to Grace Bridges and everyone else who helped me reach this point. Praise the Lord.

If you are a reader of the e-book, or someone who'd been holding out for an old-fashioned paperback, you can now support this work and own your very own copy. Let's see if the CC-licensed version really will boost sales. I, of course, hope and pray for success beyond expectations. And a movie adaptation. Yeah. That would be pretty sweet. :)

As promised, the free non-commercial version has been updated and will continue to be available. Try before you buy, or read the whole thing and never buy... Don't mind me, I'll just be standing in the corner staring accusationally at you. LOL

The book's Facebook page has changed from "Caffeine IV" to "DOOM is a Lie", named for one of Aether's most important statements in the book (the religion of the self is a falsehood). The page's focus will change from manuscript development, which is done, to keeping track of the book's progress. The page will also inform users about future works, such as my planned second novel, The Day The Rain Came Back.

I've been a guest on one blog so far and have two more lined up over the next month. The book will also have a trailer on YouTube soon.

Now I leave you with a look back at Caffeine's progress, as documented on this blog. Cue the montage music:

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Progress during March [03/28/08]
Progress during July [07/31/08]
One year ago today... [10/23/08]
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Day 507: Finish Line [03/13/09]
Have your agent call my agent [03/24/09]

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You can help Caffeine get published! [11/04/09]
Caffeine in book form[at]. [01/12/10]
Why I spelled Caffeine with two C's [01/31/10]
ManyBooks reaches 1K [05/07/10]
November Traffic: Wow! [12/01/10]

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Caffeine IV [04/05/11]
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Rumble Strips [10/20/11]


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