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Ten Years of Stuff

Back in my senior year of college, when I was still establishing a direction for, I started an informal "stuff" page for me to post about current events in my life and whatever else was on my mind. Such events included my college graduation , the sale of my first car , and my move to Florida . It quickly evolved into a blog and after college, when I was searching for my first job in TV, I kept my feet wet by making it a video blog. 2004's Video Stuff lasted only six episodes, and had a seventh tacked on a couple years later simply to acknowledge that I wasn't making them anymore. It also became a medium for me to inform visitors about changes in the site and the things it hosted, such as my alarm clock program, Wake Up! Pro .

Posts generally became longer and less frequent over time, particularly after Facebook became my go-to for short off-the-cuff posts. The blog changed names a few times: "Front Page" in 2007, "egrabow_NTC" in 2010 (to match my social media branding), and simply "Ramblings" in 2013. When I applied PHP/MySQL for EG2007 old entries became available again, except some really early ones I hadn't saved. Two years later I used a LiveJournal account to give myself an RSS feed, although it didn't catch on.

Now I'm considering how to integrate this informality into version M33 two years from now. Perhaps I'll get rid of the distinction between pages on this site and blog posts, making feel more like a typical personal website, which are entirely blogs. **oh no, must not conform!**

In recognition of ten years of posting, here are some of the greatest hits:

   Life in a Free Country [07/04/13]

   Onward Into Digital [08/08/12]

   Freedom is not some game that can be won [01/18/12]

   Oh, MiniDisc [01/21/11]

   Giving up soda (and may the Lord have mercy on my soul) [09/14/10]

   Why I spelled Caffeine with two C's [01/31/10]

   US 17, all of it [11/04/09]

   "Upgrade" to static, parts 1/2 [02/23/09] [2]

   Wildwood Fading [08/16/08]

   Progress During... whoa? what?... DIRECTOR! [08/15/08]

   Overexcitable? Moi? [01/30/07]

   Working with the public: Series Finale [11/24/06]

   2005: A Year in Review [12/31/05]

   The end of an era, well... a few! [05/09/04]

   The hardware side of Wake Up! Pro [03/29/04]


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