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Mobile is the New Norfolk

March was a slow month for the most part, but this season's second excellent tropo swept in last week and dealt more damage to the old records. I'm really glad I took up FM DXing. :)

Not one, but four more Texas FMs now grace my logbook. Austin's KGSR held onto its 1,639km record for now, but a San Antonio station came within just one kilometer of tying it, with New Orleans and Houston doing a good job filling the gap between Mobile and Austin. This was also the first opening I was prepared to make recordings on. I have them posted on the WTFDA forums:

Now onto Digital TV (it hasn't delivered Texas yet but I love it anyway), which saw another appearance by record holder WHPT 22 in Hattiesburg, MS... and for much longer this time. New Orleans wasn't nearly as prominent as on FM, but the PSIP for WWL 36 "4-1" had decoded on my box while I was hearing three FMs from the city. WLOX 39 from Biloxi joined it shortly after. WEAR 17 from Mobile was seen repeatedly this week, and I now consider it the new WGNT 27: an impressively far station over an all-water path I had seen constantly while DXing in New York. And WEAR is a farther catch than WGNT had been.

There were numerous signals from the west, too weak to decode. Would anything beat WHPT's record? Enter WMAU 18. This third Mississppi DTV beat WHLT's distance by 120 km, and was within 40 km of my analog TV record. Every metro I had logged analog TV from now has at least one digital logging (and four more metros which had no analog loggings). The screenshots are posted on the WTFDA forums:

New York's records are almost gone. Only two of my 1994-2005 catches remain in the top 10 (shown at right). Even as WHLT lost its "farthest DTV" record, it gained the consolation of "farthest TV logged more than once", which had belonged to WSFX. It seems only two remain, but they're important ones: farthest TV by tropo (still held by WTAT), and farthest anything by e-skip (still held by KLNE). The season for e-skip will be here shortly, and I have a feeling the FM band will make short work of that record too. ;)

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