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The Chris Dunne Collection

In February I posted some vintage TV DX from oldfldxer's YouTube channel, which had shut down and taken many great tropo clips with it (alas, I didn't save all of them). I already liked the idea of posting other DXers' work - that the DXer hadn't posted himself - and now I'm uploading another haul of clips.

This batch comes from Chris Dunne, a fellow WTFDA member from South Florida. Chris had boxes of VHS tapes I offered to digitize for him. Tape wears out and gets eaten by (increasingly old) VCRs. Once it's digital and backed up in a few places it lasts forever. And once it's on YouTube people don't have to come to your house to watch it. :D

The first video is below. He had a few clips of Key West stations (recorded while he was there) and a handful of solid tropo catches from Georgia to Texas. The other videos will feature Latin America and the Caribbean, with two just for Cuba. :D

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