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Checking out Sunrail

LYNX Central Station

I've always had a soft spot for commuter rail, and I was excited about Orlando's new Sunrail system years before I even lived here. Last week I got to try it out, riding from the Lake Mary station (near my job) to downtown Orlando. I needed some city pictures for the various projects I'm working on and that gave me the perfect excuse to "commute" by train.

So far Sunrail is just one line, but it felt a lot like riding the LIRR. Like Long Island's railroad, Sunrail uses "heavy rail". There's no regular weekend service, but hopefully it's coming. Ridership in the middle of the day seemed decent. Even under the best of circumstances commuter rail lines are known to lose money... but benefit the city's economy nonetheless.

I drew in the station locations on my 2008 street atlas. (The most recent one sold.)

The first of my bandscan videos is now up. Orlando is a much larger metro than Fort Myers and I'm having fun checking it out... expressways, rail lines, skylines, TV and radio. Oh yeah, and social activities too I guess. Still getting acclimated, but I'm glad I get to start the 2020's in my new metro!

Sunrail Train


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