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10 Years Behind the Wheel

October 23, 2000 was the day I passed my road test in Patchogue, NY. The road geek within me rejoiced, and I immediately began exploring places all over the map (by that time, I certainly had many). I no longer had to convince mom and dad to try a different route, or to go somewhere just because it caught my interest. Mini road trips were frequent in late 2000.

I decided to celebrate this tenth anniversary the same way I celebrated that first day: by finding a place I'd never been to before and had no particular reason to visit, then going to see what was there. Now living in Florida, I chose the state of Alabama as my destination because... well... it was there. I mean, it borders my state and everything, how could I never go there? While I was at it, I threw in Mississippi; specifically, Biloxi. This brings my ten-year total to 13 states. I'll be posting more about this trip in a few days. Maps and everything.

My love for the roads still goes strong after all these miles: over 100,000 spanning three cars. I never stopped considering the ability to drive as a privilege (rather than a right), and I think I kept the clean record to prove it (no one's counting speeding tickets, right?).

The nature of my road trips is changing, becoming shorter for the moment due to budget concerns. I now have a goal to visit every county seat in the state of Florida, this will probably be met in a couple of years. When the money is better, I'm hoping to drive to Canada.

To another 10 years exploring!


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