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My Novels

I've always been a creative person, as the many corridors of this website demonstrate, but novel writing isn't something that piqued my interest until after college. (A 'C' student in English... drat!) Science fiction like Star Trek, Seaquest DSV, Stargate, and then the rise of Anime, have always captivated me; it's little surprise that I enjoy writing characters in sci-fi settings. Worldbuilding is a key aspect for me, and why I prefer the large canvas of a novel over the small canvas of a short story.

Here you'll find my writing projects. My first novel, Caffeine, was published in 2009. My second novel-turned-trilogy is This Falling Eden. Both are Christ-centered works that don't chase an established Christian market. Truth is, while I can get plenty excited about Jesus, there isn't much the Christian bookstore has to offer guys like me - a market that enjoys films like The Matrix and authors like Neal Stephenson. If you can't find the book you want to read, you must write it.



Brandon Dauphin feels like a dying ember. He's jobless and feels worthless, and falling in love has only made his problem worse. In an authoritarian and overstimulated 22nd-century America, all he can do to relieve his pain is indulge in the computer-simulated fantasies of a network called Dynamic Reality, until a virus takes control of the simulation. Unable to return to the real world, Brandon finds that the virus shares his questions about existence, and that she will stop at nothing for her answers.

Published 2009, 2011
Available online

This Falling Eden

This Falling Eden (Coming Soon)

Hundreds of years after a global catastrophe known as "The Time of Forgetting" halted mankind's technological progress, a new army has risen from the ashes, bent on reuniting the scattered peoples of the Earth. As villagers in the world's most remote mountains flee to their last fortified city, Rai Ver While, one tells of a distant ally that could not be conquered by the ancestors' technology. With their home falling under siege, a group of defenders escape to journey across the conquered Earth and find out if the City of Falling Water is real, and whether their people's salvation lies within it.

First book of trilogy
Publishing date TBA


If you're interested in my upcoming work, you can follow me on Twitter , or the "DOOM Is A Lie" page on Facebook . Here on I'm working on a new page called "What I'm Reading", which should be online soon.

"Christ-centered fiction for the Information Age and those beyond."

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