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The end of an era, well... a few!

Perhaps you got the impression from the whole "Graduation 2004" section up above this, but my life is about to change a lot. I've been sitting in classrooms for 17 years, and its going to feel strange not sitting in one. Over the past few months, changes have been slowly taking place on this website. My graduation is the first event to receive so much attention on, and I'm going to keep putting new stuff from my graduation/ graduation party up in this section. The Ryan Grabow Network section will also receive special attention, as that section will be used to provide better demo material for my job search. I gotta batten down the hatches and ride this wave!

While I certainly couldn't join dozens of clubs and student organizations while at school, I did enjoy those I could be a part of. I was president of the Commuter Student Association for a year and a half, which didn't get the troubled club very far (mainly a time thing, again), but which I did use to have fun with the title "president" and to attend various meetings around the campus (faculty-slash-student meetings).

Post Television/ Channel 73 (abbreviated PTV) was a major reason for choosing C.W. Post and the first club I joined.   In my freshman and sophomore years, I hung around the station a lot.   My junior year saw a massive drain of my free time and I was never there, unfortunately. In my last semester, I had the time again and helped out with the production of "Sportsweek Live" on Wednesday nights. "Sportsweek Live" was the show I helped on more than any other, I was also around early on for "Talk Live," and my project on Speed Bumps and Stop Signs on Campus was used for PTV news.

Last but certainly most would be WCWP, my greatest reason for choosing Post. From the second half of my freshman year 'till the end, I was an active member of the station. For seven semesters I held two or three hour shifts (actually, my first one was only 90 minutes) on Webradio WCWP and would have had a better shot at FM if Steinberg hadn't robbed us of half our student on-air hours. Most of my friends were made at the station, and the faculty was great at giving me advice... I came okay and left great.

My last live "Prison Break Radio" program was done on Thursday, April 29th from 7pm-10pm on Webradio WCWP, and a pre-recorded one was aired on May 6th. On Wednesday, May 5th, my friend Mike Chimeri finished his long running Jazz program, and I was there as a guest for most of the show. Jay, who's a disco nut and plays 70's music on his show, also dropped in. Mike recorded his last show on two camcorders and an MD, definitely preserving the historic moment! Even Dan Cox, WCWP's General Manager, dropped in. Oh yeah, and Alexis also came by (since she was sitting in the next room and had time to kill). The first picture is me, the last one is Mike, and you can see Jay in the middle one.

The end of Frasier, the end of Friends, the end of us on Webradio WCWP, the end of me sitting in class. (okay, I've come full circle)


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