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This Falling Eden

This Falling Eden Demo Cover

This is the official page for my second novel, This Falling Eden. I've split this book into a trilogy: This Falling Eden, This Falling Sea, and This Falling Tower. Like my first novel, Caffeine, this work is meant to carry a Christian message outside of a traditional Christian readership.


Hundreds of years after a global catastrophe known as "The Time of Forgetting" halted mankind's technological progress, a new army has risen from the ashes, bent on reuniting the scattered peoples of the Earth. Two brothers flee with their village to Rai Ver While, a city under the protection of Zanine — their tribe's only Sky Person — with a writing pad captured from the enemy. Only Zanine's granddaughter, in charge of the city's defenses, knows what the writing pad truly means. The ability to write is the ability to control the ancestors' technology.

This Falling Eden is a futuristic twist on the Tower of Babel, set in an Edenic world where it's said Noah talked God out of flooding the Earth. In the ages to come, as mankind's technology passed beyond matter replication, the powers of writing and speech became the power to create and destroy, to dominate one another, and to fashion themselves into gods. As Rai Ver While falls under siege, their descendants implement a bold plan to travel across the conquered Earth, to the City of Falling Water, where the Time of Forgetting began.

And where it may begin again.

  No previews released yet

The story is divided into nine parts, three for each book in the trilogy. Rough Drafts for all of them were completed in 2017-18, and the official First Draft for Eden became available to test readers shortly after. I'm focusing exclusively on that first book while I begin searching for a publisher.

The second draft of This Falling Eden is now available for test readers on Critique Circle , under its old working title "The Day The Rain Came Back". A new chapter appears in the Sci-Fi queue every two weeks.

Writing Progress

This Falling Eden
    Part One: Among The Highest Peaks of the EarthEditing [2]Second Draft completed (AUG 2021)
    Part Two: The Old Prison CityEditing [2]Second Draft completed (FEB 2022)
    Part Three: Follow The Red RibbonsEditing [2]Second Draft completed (APR 2022)
This Falling Sea
    Part Four: The Standard of DarknessWriting [1]First Draft in progress...
    Part Five: Tiny Little WavesWriting [R]Rough Draft revised (SEP 2020)
    Part Six: UnanchoredWriting [R]Rough Draft revised (SEP 2020)
This Falling Tower
    Part Seven: Eat The HorizonWriting [R]Rough Draft revised (MAY 2021)
    Part Eight: Low RageWriting [R]Rough Draft revised (JUN 2021)
    Part Nine: And They Have One KingWriting [R]Rough Draft revised (JUN 2021)

on Social Media

In December 2017 I had posted ten clues about the book on the novel's Facebook page . The clues were links to various wiki pages:

If you've just found this site and the novel sounds interesting, you might like to try my first novel. This Falling Eden will be a while, but you can start reading Caffeine right now . And for free! Then find out how this new novel is coming along by following me on Twitter .

Samples from the Second Draft were posted to the Twitter and Facebook pages every day during September 2021.

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