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This logo is for keeps

I present the new logo for It will be rolled out with version 28.5 of this website, March 31.

The outgoing logo was rolled out in 2009, replacing 2005's, which itself replaced the original 2001. Each were meant to go four years before being changed again. This four-year mandate then became one of my cancelled policies later that year . I still like the 2009 logo and decided to change it to something I could use indefinitely.

As you can see, there was much I kept. The 2012 logo keeps 2009's font and "HD" branding, which has grown on me. It is based on different shades of the same color, which makes its use more flexible. The icon is gone and the "E" was made more distinctive in its place. This allows the letters "EG" to be used alone as an alternate logo. The design of the "E" is meant to resemble the side of a highway marker, which I'm planning to make EG's address bar icon. Yes, highway themes are still prolific here. :)

The version update will include some changes to the site's graphics, but it will all be familiar. A bigger change will be the launch of EG Mobile. There will be much work to do still, but I wanted to take the step of actually launching my mobile site. It's been on the to do list for over a year.

Another change is that I'm retiring the "egrabow_NTC" branding. My blog will be called just that: my blog. It will also get it's own button in the top navigation bar. My NTC account on LiveJournal, which never got use beyond reposting this blog, will close. The RSS feed goes with it.

As always, your comments are welcome.


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