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Farthest South

My new refridgerator magnetLast week I made my first, long overdue, trip down to Key West. Only a few months after going farther north and west than ever in my life, Key West is now the farthest south. Several meters farther south, in fact, than the "Southernmost Point" monument. Until I book a plane ticket to Hawaii or the Carribbean this record is unlikely to be broken. Farthest east - last broken in 1996 - will be tackled next year.

Key West was part of RRR&R TTK (Tallahassee, Turnpike, Keys), the first intrastate road trip (not leaving Florida) to bear the RRR&R name . Of course, Florida is a big state. Another trip, RRR&R DVTF, is being planned for February. During this trip I will complete my goal of visiting all 67 of Florida's county seats. This last trip brought the number from 32 to 49.

And bandscan videos are coming, of course. AM/FM/TV for Tallahassee, Gainesville/Ocala, and Key West... including some nighttime AM catches. Cuba's AM stations aren't much worse in the Keys than they are here. There's also a TV scan for West Palm Beach. Miami got cancelled I'm afraid.

The farthest south I've ever been

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