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Offramps 40-59: What I'm Watching and Reading


Of course, I don't spend all of my time on there are many great websites out there with interesting content, great designs, useful resources... throw in a few of my co-workers sites, YouTube channels, and "must visits," and you get a pretty good idea of how I roll on 'net.

As you can see, I tapped deep into my road geekiness for the design of these pages.

Crunchyroll Link 40: Crunchyroll

The internet's premiere anime site. Offers paid subscriptions, but they're not required.

Sekai no Hajimari -- A Haibane Renmei fan page Link 41: Sekai no Hajimari -- A Haibane Renmei fan page

A fansite for one of my favorite anime series: Haibane Renmei.

Anime Music Videos (.org) Link 44: Anime Music Videos (.org)

Clips from various anime edited into music videos.

Splashdown Books Link 45: Splashdown Books

A christian sci-fi/ fantasy publisher based in New Zealand. Caffeine is among their books.

Goodreads Link 46E: Goodreads

An excellent site for bibliophiles to review what they've read and figure out what they should read next. Link 46W:

A popular source for free novels.

Television Tropes & Idioms Link 50: Television Tropes & Idioms

A catalog of the tricks of the trade for writing fiction. Makes examples of pretty much every TV show/ film/ novel/ etc. ever made.

EarthPrime Link 51: EarthPrime

An exceptionally good website for an exceptionally good show, Sliders!

SF Debris: Science Fiction Reviews and More Link 52: SF Debris: Science Fiction Reviews and More

Video reviews of popular sci-fi TV shows, plus the Star Trek movies.

GateWorld: Your Complete Guide to Stargate Link 53: GateWorld: Your Complete Guide to Stargate

A very extensive website about another exceptionally good show, Stargate SG-1! (and other Stargate media)

RadioU TV Link 55: RadioU TV

Christian Metal and Alternative. Related to the "Radio U" FM station.

Radiolab Link 59: Radiolab

A radio program produced by WNYC in New York, analyzing various social and scientific topics. Archived episodes are of course available.

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