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Sweet Haul (of books)

Today, after I finished lunch, I headed to the campus library to relax (as I usually do). When I got there I noticed a sign outside: "Book Sale." After I had found an interesting book, I asked a librarian how much these we're going for. Her response... their FREE!!!

Now I could have got technical and discussed how "sales" mean people get charged for things, but certain things happen when I get near books. More things happen when I feel like buying books... and I just had to find out what would happen when the books were free. The result? 21 books and two trips to the car (my poor backpack). Here is a list of the books I snatched up and their various topics (anything I found even remotely interesting or useful):

BooksFrom left to right, top to bottom:
Sociology: The Science of Society
People and Productivity [Note 1]
Talking to Yourself: Learning the Language of Self-Affirmation
Peak-Performance Living
The Fulfillment and Collapse of the Old Regime: 1650-1815
The Making of the Modern World: 1815-1914
The Runner's Handbook
Made in Japan: Akio Morita and Sony
A Concise History of Australia
Poverty in Affluence: The Social, Political, and Economic...(etc.)
America, Inc.: Who owns and operates the United States
Webster's Dictionary [Note 2]
Understanding Islam: An Introduction to the Muslim World [Note 3]
In Brief: Berlin
Science Fiction Hall of Fame
Science Fiction Hall of Fame: Volume II A
The Other Side of the Clock
Science Fiction Hall of Fame: Volume II B
The City of Joy [Note 4]
Media Wars: News at a Time of Terror [Note 5]

Love the retro cover
2: I don't remember why I got this, I already have a dictionary
3: No, I'm not converting
4: About Mother Teresa
5: This was a shocker, only a year old!

Now all I need is the time to read all of these!


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