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"Upgrade" to static, part 2

Friday was the end of television.

OK, that's an exaggeration. For most people, anyway. At noon on Friday, the last two full-power stations, WGCU 30 and WFTX 36, switched off their analog signals, leaving Fort Myers with a handful of religious and spanish low-power stations. As I did on February 17, I set up my televisions and shot the shutoffs with my camcorder. You'll find it on YouTube here . And the Feb 17 video is still up here .

Last day for analog DX
7 and 10 from Miami were coming in Friday night. WSVN was still in programming, WPLG 10 was simply airing this graphic. Before local WINK 11 shut-off in February, WPLG 10 was a difficult catch.

Here are some more links, all of these stations went out with newscasts, montages, or proper sign-offs. Most are shown going to static:
WKRG 05 Mobile, AL
WGHP 08 High Point, NC
KDKA 02 Pittsburgh, PA
WLNS 06 Lansing, MI
KTCA 02 Minneapolis, MN
WFAA 08 Dallas, TX
WCIU 26 Chicago, IL
WPSD 06 Paducah, KY
KATU 02 Portland, OR
WLWT 05 Cincinnatti, OH
WRTV 06 Indianapolis, IN
WISN 12 Milwaukee, WI
WRC 04 and WTTW 05 Washington DC
WXYZ 07 and WJBK 02 on vintage sets

I'm making a pair of DVDs to replace the VHS cassettes I've been recording my (analog) TV DX on all these years. At some point soon, I'll take another shot at DXing digital. I don't think the hobby will ever become what it once was, but it's a door I gladly leave open.

As for my rants concerning this whole gov't-mandated switchover, I won't add anything to what I've already posted in February .


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