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With five and a half years on the odometer, version 28 was the longest-running major version of in history. It was the last of the "January 1st" upgrades... back in 2010. Not limited to one year like its predecessors. Nevertheless, all good things must come to an end.

And be replaced with even better things. ;)

Welcome to the new version M33. The most noticeable change is the flip from light-text-dark-background to dark-text-light-background. This is the way EG originally was in 2001 and I finally decided to bring it back (by popular demand). Second is the introduction of Cascading Stylesheets (CSS). I wasn't in a rush to implement them, but now that I've seen what they can do I'm glad I finally did. Then there's the usual housekeeping: clearing out unused features as I create new ones, and fixing code that broke over the years, particularly from the change of servers in May. The slidebar is gone. I liked the idea in 2006 but it proved more trouble than it was worth. Wake Up! Pro and the Audio/Video Component Archive have also passed into history .

With this version comes more focus on my novels and YouTube videos, as demonstrated on the redesigned EG Prime . (Hopefully I can start using the plural, novels, before I'm old and grey.) In the wake of my big AVCA database I'm creating a big DXing database. There are just too many catches on FM to keep track of the old-fashioned way, and this will also help with TV catches... analog and digital, Florida and New York, new and old. This online logbook will even have links to my YouTube compilations, so you can click to hear/see the DX. For now this will not extend to my AM band catches. And due to the complexity of setting it up it probably won't be fully online until early next year. EG Mobile Beta is gone, since mobile mode is now fully integrated. Try visiting on your phone, or click the "Mobile" button at the bottom of the screen. Most browsers will even switch to it automatically if you make the window small enough!

Though this upgrade was two-and-a-half years in the making, I've maintained the tradition of not having everything ready on launch day. This is mainly because hyperlinks and images have to be reformatted as I go, though this shouldn't a problem for future upgrades. The graphically-heavy Offramps page will be running at a temporary URL until I can work on it. The DXing Pages will wait because the new database will cause major changes to the way they're structured. Considering the other projects I need to work on now, a remnant of version 28.8 may remain here well into next year. Most of my blog posts ("Ramblings") from more than two years ago are not available right now, but I should have them all back in a couple weeks.

And finally, the little technical glitches. The font you see is Arial, but it was supposed to be one called MilkyWay. The code to use it on my pages didn't work so I'll have to come back to it later. And if you're still using Internet Explorer 8 or earlier you're viewing this in Mobile mode whether you want to or not, because IE's CSS support was truly awful. Seriously, try Firefox. Other browsers should be fine even with older versions.

As always, please let me know how well this website works for you. Enjoy!


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