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RRR&R Clinch County

Me at the border of Clinch County (Georgia)
Me at the border of Clinch County (Georgia).
In 2010 I announced a goal to visit every county seat in the state of Florida , a short-term low-budget version of my lifetime goal to drive in all fifty states. Yesterday I clinched the last of Florida's counties. I've now been all over the state: from Key West to Pensacola, from the remote Apalachicola to the hard-to-miss Jacksonville, from crowded Miami to quaint Arcadia to single-stoplight Trenton (a far cry from the one in New Jersey).

Of course with these cities/towns/unincorporateds came all the roads that run inbetween them. I clinched the Florida Turnpike that runs from Ocala to Homestead, I-110, I-275, I-595, and shrunk the gap in Interstate 10 (35 of its Florida miles remain undriven). I explored the oddity that is State Road 2 in Baker County, probably the most isolated stretch of highway I've ever driven, which took me to Clinch County in Georgia. It wasn't a Florida county, but it was right over the border and the name was just too perfect.

FL Counties ClinchedSince 2010 I've gotten back into DXing and all the interest in local stations that comes with it. Bandscans for Orlando and Jacksonville are coming soon, and more RRR&R trips are planned for this year! Yes, trips. Having a gas budget is gonna be awesome.

"Woo hoo! I clinched Homerville! One county seat closer to my goal, and the name reminds me of that dad from the Simpsons."
(sees Georgia state flag over the courthouse)


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