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Caffeine Is Back On Sale POSTED NOV 1, 2023
I'm thrilled to announce that my first novel, Caffeine , is back on sale. The new "2180 Edition" includes some goodies like deleted text (because of course I kept those files around) and author commentary. Caffeine is available in paperback through Barnes & Noble's website, and the e-book is available through several bookstores. It's not on Amazon (yet?). I'm excited to have this novel back on sale as work continues on my new novel . The original Creative Commons e-book remains...

I'm on Mastodon! POSTED AUG 13, 2023
Following Elon's rebranding of Twitter to... err... 'X', I've decided to change things up myself. Last week, I started a Mastodon account . Its link has replaced Twitter's on the navigation bar of I started the Twitter account @RealRyanGrabow in 2017. My second novel, This Falling Eden, was a work in progress (and still is, ha ha) and I wanted to use the Twitter account to communicate with readers about its progress. In six years, user engagement has bordered on zero, unfortun...

In Loving Memory POSTED JUL 17, 2023
A picture I took of dad in 1997. I lost my dad yesterday. He was 64. I don't write much about family on this website. My grandpa, my dad's own dad, passed away a couple years ago without mention here. I have two more nieces now, since I posted about Sabrina and Damien . My peak blogging days are 15 years behind me, but it feels appropriate to post here now. My dad, John Grabow, was always full of life. He liked to build things and have adventures. He was a child of the 70s and I wa...

Pacing Myself POSTED MAR 10, 2023
As eager as I am to finish writing and editing This Falling Eden , there's still a long way to go. I knew when I was getting into this how much of a time suck it would be (much more so than Caffeine had been), but after shoveling weekend after weekend into it on-and-off for years, I'm wearing myself out and need to pace myself better. The realization came to me after I tried to make a new publication deadline stick (the original one was 2015, LOL). I decided I could make 2025, as in all th...

Interstate Bandscans Come To An End POSTED DEC 31, 2022
My YouTube channel has really taken off since 2014. The "local bandscan" videos, where I drive to a distant city and record the local stations there , featured prominently in the rise of my channel. A trip to the 2015 WTFDA convention in Indiana was, appropriately enough, the first interstate road trip where I started recording everything at my hotel stops. I even captured AM and FM radio in addition to TV. Occasionally I could even feature analog TV stations, since a handful of low...

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