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Grabow's Ramblings From 2007

PHP coding! Aaaaahhhhhh!!!! POSTED JAN 4, 2007
First post of '07! Since this is such a, well, DEEP change in the structure of not much of it has surfaced before today. Things should be speeding up now, since the debugging of code is mostly behind me. Comments about the new stuff can be sent to . Enjoy.

And now a word from the Department of Homeland... I mean Financial Security POSTED JAN 20, 2007
I've just crunched the numbers for the first full year since I moved from New York. No month got above "Lean", but fortunately none slipped as far as "Failing", either. Overtime from A-Team production helped boost income in the Spring, but serious problems arose when that show ended and the paycheck numbers fell. A cash holiday and part-time job kept things from falling apart too much, and now the storm seems to be passing (so to speak). A new auto insurance company and a...

Implimentation Complete POSTED JAN 26, 2007
Tonight ends my coding frenzy, most of my brand new EG2007 stuff is plugged in. Some work remains on the Traffic Information System InfoBoard (a brand new EG thing), the Random Page script (still using 6.0's), and, as always, updating the actual pages! DX/Radio and the AVCA are done, but EGrabow Media isn't, the Logo Gallery isn't... you get the idea... not to mention lots and lots of old files I mean to clean out but don't. It'll happen sooner or later. Comments about the new EG 7.0??? You know who to send 'em to!

Overexcitable? Moi? POSTED JAN 30, 2007
I've considered myself a creative person for a long time. In elementary school, I was kind of a dunce but I had a few strengths and in those I liked to go beyond the assignment or to approach it unconventionally. The latter got a lot more prominent by the time I graduated college and the former had reversed itself. The Lord gives us all unique gifts to use in his service and I'd identified an active imagination as one of mine... and that was swell (after all, if you're reading this on

Back on the broadband bandwagon POSTED JAN 31, 2007
Did I really just type 'bandwagon'? I did? ...well all right then Just an hour ago, Comcast became my ISP, restoring an old tradition of mine... going really, really fast on the internet. As a result, I will ending my Earthlink account. This means my main e-mail address has changed. Old: New: Please update your records immediately because there will only be a one week transitional period (this is the first time my outgoing ISP is a paid ...

This post will not be appearing on EG SP POSTED JAN 31, 2007
...'cause I can't friggin' log on to Myspace (again)! I've decided not to cancel my account, not yet anyway... but site problems matched with non-existant customer service doesn't bode well with me. Whenever this issue is resolved, I plan to update the look to match EG2007. EG SP

MySpace works again, v7ed POSTED FEB 9, 2007
v7ed (vē-sĕv′ən-ēd) v. p.t.  To have made an page more awesome that it already was by redoing per the EG2007 standard. Purple monkey dishwasher. I've been enjoying having broadband again for the past week. Now, I didn't have any huge problems with dial-up... except when I would visit YouTube or MySpace. Since the switch back, I've been hanging around both a lot more. Fortunately, MySpace started accepting my login info again last week. I gav...

Zodiac pwned! (EG SP) POSTED FEB 19, 2007
This is gonna be about a lot more than MySpace, but I guess I'll start with that... For the last time, Tom, I DO NOT practice astrology!!! It seems like the MySpace administrators are really into the zodiac, because they don't give their members the option of removing it from their 'details.' E-mails asking about this go ignored (or maybe user e-mails in general go ignored). Fortunately, as a geek who knows his way around a search engine and HTML code, I didn't need the option to... I ju...

Supra 'discontinued' POSTED FEB 23, 2007
After two and a half years of very expensive fun... I've decided to bring the axe down on Project Eureka (restoring the old Toyota Supra). I'm planning for this to happen in a couple of months, but it is definite now. Details forthcoming.

Wake Up! Pro 2.5 POSTED MAR 2, 2007
Today marks the beginning of Project W25: Development of Wake Up! Pro version 2.5. This upgrade will have its stable release on July 9, my, well, 25th birthday. I smell a commemorative edition. The Wake Up! Pro page will reflect this shortly, and it will also feature beta versions leading up to the final release. What more can I cram into Wake Up! Pro that isn't already in v2.1.1? You'd be surprised. I already have a laundry list of suggestions from users and another laundry list I dr...

Roads not travelled (at least not yet) POSTED MAR 13, 2007
I just had an unexpected career moment. They were bound to start sooner or later. I don't intend to go into too much detail, but a directing job opened up in Tallahassee that I had a good chance of getting. The catch was that, unlike the "traditional" directing jobs at Waterman, my job would be directing on a ParkerVision system. No one wrote a WikiPedia article for me to link to here, so I'll just say that ParkerVision is an automation system which puts most of the aspects of produ...

Before this quarter-century is up... POSTED MAR 24, 2007
As everyone can probably tell by now, I'm making this July 9th more than just another birthday. Heck, I'm not even sure why I'm mile-stoning this year so much... I guess 25 is just a nice age to be. Hopefully I'll feel the same way about 30, 35, 40, etc... I've decided that I want to reach three goals by July 9th. Wake Up! Pro 2.5 has already been announced (I'm making a quick stop at BreadMeter 1.0.2 to warm up... I haven't coded much since Office Depot sapped my free time last summer!)....

Meters of Bread, Basics of Visual POSTED APR 14, 2007
Those are the titles I write at 5:42 am BreadMeter 1.0.2 is out now, it has several fixes (always finding stuff - one of the joys of programming) including a pretty serious one I discovered when I tried to upgrade and use it on my own machine... I loaded my own newly-upgraded copy of BreadMeter and found the data file blank. BACKUPS!!! OH, PLEASE LET THERE BE A BACKUP!!!!!!! Fortunately, I leave the auto backup feature turned on, so I got my $$$ history back. Then I cracked open the in...

April showers bring May... Darn! We didn't get any showers! POSTED APR 27, 2007
Just before the major coding for Wake Up! Pro 2.5, I fixed some bugs in the old version and released version 2.1.2 (hey, the Manhattan area code! Fuggedaboudit!) I got caught up in the Audio/Video Component Archive this last week, which is fine since that's this website's traffic ((((magnet)))). That part of EG is funny, I just feel like building the database up one day, then I get hooked. No worries, I'll make sure it doesn't sidetrack me from the other project: learning spanish. Right...

For Sale POSTED MAY 2, 2007
1986 Toyota Supra 238,000 miles 2-door hatchback, power windows (passenger side broken)/ locks/ mirrors, cruise control Will need new engine and steering system (but still drivable on existing), dent on passengers side Location: Fort Myers, FL Asking: $1,000 Interested? E-mail me.

Less trips to the mechanic (probably), more loan payments (definitely) POSTED MAY 22, 2007
After about 8 days of car shopping, I ended up in an '03 Chevy Cavalier. Sure, I'll miss the power everything from the Supra (what of it still worked, anyway), but not having to use a wire to start it! I'll definitely miss the zero-dollar-a-month payments from the LeBaron and Supra, but I'll be praying that lower maintenance bills make up for that. Since I'm such a statistics-nut, here's a few off the top of my head: Car #3... by far the newest one (4 years old || runner up: LeB...

Damien Alexander Wourio turns 0 today POSTED JUN 6, 2007
This morning @ 2:30am, my nephew Damien was born in Port Charlotte... so now my sister has two kids that I get to play "cool uncle" to. Please join me in praying for the health of this growing family.

Cell Phone: The Sequel POSTED JUN 9, 2007
Since getting broadband at home, keeping the landline became unnecessary... no sense in tying my phone number to the apartment anymore. I had my number ported to to T-Mobile, which offered the best plan (made better by the fact that I knew a sales rep.). It's back to the mobile lifestyle for me!

Overtime's baaaaaack!!!! POSTED JUN 19, 2007
I think I'm coming out of a long drought. For the last several months, my paychecks have been just enough to cover things (and praise the Lord for what I have)... but a little surplus never hurt anybody and I needz some! June, it seems, will not be a dry month... not for the state of Florida or for my bank account. OK, consequences... all this extra work is taking a toll on Wake Up! Pro development. The deadline (July 9) is coming up faster than I anticipated and a stable release of versi...

Mid-July Road Work POSTED JUN 28, 2007
After the stable release of Wake Up! Pro 2.5, I will finish implementing EG2007 (version 7 of this website). Some pages, notably the About Pages and EGrabow Media, haven't yet been upgraded, and some features were left only halfway through development (Random Page link, TIS Infoboard). In July and August, I'll be updating whatever's left and revisiting the already-upgraded pages to make sure they're up to spec (they can work in GrabowPedia Mode, for instance). The Front Page will get better arch...

As the odometer turns... POSTED JUL 6, 2007
Well, I guess I should write something here. Lemmesee... Monday is the quarter-century mark, I'll be 25 years old. Praise the Lord for bringing me this far, I pray for another good 25 years... wait, double that... no, triple gotta adjust for distant-future life expectancy. I hope you die-hard EG fans (there go those crickets again) are enjoying the monthly 25 Years of Ryan G articles, which put these 25 years into review. I'm having a lot of fun writing them, plus I get to take a stroll down ...

v7-age to resume POSTED JUL 13, 2007
Well, now that the ice cream cake is gone and the birthday check$ are cashed, it's time to get back to business. Wake Up! Pro Alpha was ready for release on the 9th, but for reasons I have yet to discover, it wouldn't 'compile' properly (run outside of the development environment). Project W25's deadline has been cancelled and no new dates will be set... things just aren't cooperating. The first release will be a BETA again, and while I'm hopeful it will be soon, I've decided that EG will ge...

Tweaking into oblivion POSTED AUG 6, 2007
Due to some use-it-or-lose-it vacation time, I decided to take a road trip in the Cavalier to Tampa, West Palm and Miami (never been to the latter two). It was a short road trip, but I couldn't wait until October to break-in the car! BTW... I recommend staying away from Miami's roads!!!! lol no, seriously That was the first half of my vacation, now I'm using the remainder to tweak the website... some work is overdue. l8r

2.5 preview POSTED AUG 24, 2007
After a month off to work on the website, I've shifted my focus back to Wake Up! Pro . The problem that prevented me from releasing an ALPHA version last month was quickly resolved (amazing how simple problems are after you've taken some time to rest and come back to it). I'm pleased to announce that the .EXE file itself is compiling nicely and I'm preparing to BETA test it... if anyone would like to be in the loop on this, lemme know. I'm still not setting a release date, but after my progr... goin' bye bye POSTED SEP 15, 2007
After months of thinking it over, I've decided to dump my service,, on October 1st. Back in the unfortunate days of my New York job search, web design outside of was one of the few things that seemed to be going right. It started with, which remains by far the biggest site I'd done commercially, then spread out into two more and plenty of leads. Friends of mine were also referring me to people to fix their computers. Unfortunately, things dried up after ...

Wake Up! Pro 2.5 released POSTED SEP 15, 2007
I'm pleased to announce the release of Wake Up! Pro version 2.5. I've also redesigned the webpage, threw up screenshots, and a new "extra tones" installer (updated from version 1.5's). The manual and source code are updated, too. I hope the new features, flexibility and robustness are enjoyed by insomniacs the world over... In the end, the "Settings Wizard" stayed removed from the drawing board, but that was the only change I made to the plans. The very flexible 'hour...

Roads, Rest, Radio & Relaxation POSTED OCT 31, 2007
I've been away from the desk for the last few weeks getting some autumn air up on Long Island. After 5 years without, RRR&R came back this month... only now it goes the other way around! Instead of New York to Florida every August, I'm thinking about Florida to New York every October. (Info on the trips of 2001 and 2002 are up in one of the 25 Years articles) I'm thrilled to say that (besides the fact that I made it back in one piece, always a plus) I didn't "need" this vaca...

Late '07 Stuff POSTED DEC 3, 2007
I just put up the December edition of 25 Years of Ryan G last night. There will be one more article to wrap up the series, which I'll put up right after EG2008 is rolled out... and I'll probably make a big deal out of it as I did in July. Wake Up! Pro 2.5 seems to be doing well, the Traffic Information System reports that 11.9% of EG's trackable activity is on that page. The Audio/Video Component Archive is also doing well, I've been adding more information to the database over the last coupl...

Dropping like flies in '07... gotta get more flies POSTED DEC 17, 2007
BreadMeter, we (apparently) hardly knew ye... Due to another crazy shift in how I handle/track my nickels and dimes, I've decided that I will not be using the BreadMeter program anymore. User feedback has been slow and page traffic light, so I am dropping support for the program (the Audio/Video Component Archive is satisfying my database craving anyway). The installation file and source code are still available at the old location, anyone interested in carrying on the torch is welcome to...

Project Montclair POSTED DEC 17, 2007
This past year has been big on self-discovery (as seen in Front Page posts with titles like 'Overexcitable? Moi?', 'Zodiac pwned!', 'Roads not travelled', and 'As the odometer turns...' - along with the whole '25 Years of Ryan G' franchise) and, among all the soul search action, I've rediscovered the avid reader in me... as well as the avid writer. In my freshman year of college, my english professor ("Professor of English") assigned us The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster, and the puzz...

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