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Grabow's Ramblings From 2009

27s surrounding me POSTED JAN 5, 2009
The most visible upgrades for 2009, those involving logo-replacement, are now implemented. Hopefully, the v7ing (anyone remember that term? Didn’t think so…) of the EXIT 9 Page will be done next week during the first of many three-day weekends. Happy New Year, indeed. Also, Happy Birthday to me… sort of. Due to a decision I made back in June, I de facto turned 27 on Thursday, even though my legal birthday isn’t until July. This is one of the many fallouts of early ...

EG133 buys the farm POSTED JAN 8, 2009
My first computer, a 133MHz generic PC I bought from my uncle in 1999, named the "EG133"… no longer has a working motherboard… or video card… yeah, one of those. I tried to fix it but the problem is evasive… and the old clunker isn’t worth so much trouble. In spite of its ‘clunker’ status (which any 12+ year old PC gets, whether it works or not), I’m sorry to see it go. It was my first and only computer, used regularly until early 2003...

Nightside once more POSTED JAN 13, 2009
Well, the Lord does work in mysterious ways, doesn't He? After one arduous four-day work week, my partner-in-crime (the nightside director who works the weekends with me) decided that my hours worked better for her. After getting my blessing and the okay from our boss, we swapped schedules and (effective immediately) I am a nightside director. This is something I was hoping would happen eventually, but didn't dream that it would happen this soon. I'm still on the four-day week, of course, but...

Farewell, cassettes POSTED JAN 22, 2009
No, I'm not chucking out my VCRs and Tape Decks just yet, but I did take the time last week to clean out most of the old cassettes. Barely old enough to have ever used vinyl records, let alone to own any, cassettes were my first format. The Sony desktop recorder I got in 1990 was one of my first pieces of electronic equipment, and the number of cassette players/recorders peaked at nine, just two years ago (the Sony, three handheld voice recorders, two stereo cassette decks, a portable Casio ...

Break. Over. POSTED FEB 16, 2009
After giving myself a month off from the project, I have officially begun the second round of editing my novel. Due to a vacation from work, I'm already done with 40% of it. I'm hopeful that I'll be finishing this draft in as little as a few weeks. From there, I'll be looking for publishing options. As before, I'll be posting updates on the Montclair/CAF Page. With the release of the second draft, I may decide to post the first 1-3 chapters on EG.

NTC coming to POSTED FEB 23, 2009
A couple of years ago, I re-posted items from this blog to my MySpace Page , then called "EG SP". In July '07, I separated it from this site and made it part of egrabow_NTC, using it as the main page for my social networking stuff, and freeing to become more resource/ less personal site. Since then, I've basically done nothing with the MySpace page, and has gone in the opposite direction than I expected. It seems that posting on EG and copying to MySpace was the...

"Upgrade" to static, part 1 POSTED FEB 23, 2009
Last week, most commercial stations in Fort Myers (the english language ones, anyway) ended analog transmission. WTVK 46 abruptly turned off at noon. WINK 11 made a live shot of turning off their transmitter, arguably the best way to go. The two Waterman Broadcasting stations switched to "nightlight" programming, which is a looping NAB-produced video about how wonderful DTV is. WBBH 20 went off at midnight Friday, WZVN 26 is still looping the video. DXing background and all, t...

Day 507: Finish Line POSTED MAR 13, 2009
I'm thrilled to announce the completion of my 125,000 word novel, at least to the degree where it's ready to be submitted to publishers; please join me in praying that it finds its way to the right one. So, what have I accomplished since October 23, 2007? Having a full novel typed out definitely feels like an accomplishment (it did back in August, but now, after two stages of editing, it actually reads like a published novel) and, if I may be a little biased, it's one of the best works of fic...

Have your agent call my agent POSTED MAR 24, 2009
I've decided to focus my novel-publishing attempt to finding an agent in the CBA (Christian) market. Though I'm not ruling out secular agents/publishers, I did create the second draft on the assumption that it'd be marketed as Christian, and competition within that market is also less stiff. Time is limited and I want to keep this process moving, so, I also welcome the prospect of signing with an agent to handle publisher-house stuff. Of course, this increases the time publishing will take, but ...

Back on the face of the Earth POSTED MAY 8, 2009
As if I ever left. *wink* After a couple of weeks away from the desk, taking a breather after more work on the novel, I am now preparing to tackle some projects that aren't book related (almost forgot that there were others!). Is EG among them? 'Fraid not, at least not among the priorities. Most of what I need to do is housekeeping, online, on-computer, as well as some very-analog piles of clutter.

Johnny McNerney POSTED MAY 8, 2009
I don't usually post about family stuff, but my stepbrother Johnny just went to the hospital to have a cancerous tumor dealt with. A website has been put up for him at . Please remember him in your prayers.

"Upgrade" to static, part 2 POSTED JUN 16, 2009
Friday was the end of television. OK, that's an exaggeration. For most people, anyway. At noon on Friday, the last two full-power stations, WGCU 30 and WFTX 36, switched off their analog signals, leaving Fort Myers with a handful of religious and spanish low-power stations. As I did on February 17, I set up my televisions and shot the shutoffs with my camcorder. You'll find it on YouTube here . And the Feb 17 video is still up here . Last day for analog DX 7 and 10 from Miami were com...

Caffeine, Round II POSTED JUL 8, 2009
I've decided at last to make the title of my novel public: "Caffeine." Short. Sweet. Meaningful. I'll still withhold story details, though I'm tempted to post a sample chapter or two. With my TV DX DVD (almost) done, I'm putting focus back on publishing the book: trying more agents, considering my options, and praying for guidance. In the meantime, two other book ideas have materialized, and I need to decide which to develop first. Until a contract says otherwise, though, I don't in...

Wake Up! Pro: In Hibernation POSTED JUL 8, 2009
There isn't much more I add to Wake Up! Pro 2.5, while staying within Visual Basic 6, which was designed for Windows 98. My plans for Wake Up! Pro version 3 involve an entirely different programming language, and support for both Linux and Windows Vista, but interest/money remains too thin to support such goals right now. I'm still an XP user, and an all-over-the-map sleep-schedule has made me a non-user of my own program, which isn't so good for driving development. WUP isn't going away, of ...

TV DX now archived on DVD POSTED JUL 29, 2009
During my years as an active TV DXer, it's been a habit of mine to capture as many catches as I could on tape. Between 1997 and 2008, everything from semi-local low power stations to record breaking e-skip has filled up five VHS tapes (pictured in this post ); that number doubles when I add scattered early recordings as well as the very last ones in '08. Since new recordings seem unlikely (and since I'm still cleaning out my old VHS tapes), I've brought the recordings together and compi...

What I'm... Reading! POSTED JUL 29, 2009
I've posted the first "All-Time Top 12 Novels" list on the What I'm Watching Page . As with the TV Shows list, this will be updated every July. 2009 All-Time Top 12 Novels Rank Title/ Series Author Release Genre 1 1984 George Orwell 1949 Dystopian, Social Science Fiction 2 Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand 1957 Philosophical 3 Spin Robert Charles Wilson 2005...

Switching from '01' to '10' POSTED AUG 21, 2009
Since started on January 1, 2001, it's become a tradition of mine to redesign things every year on that date. Of course, planning is involved, sometimes beginning several months prior, sometimes the week before, but something big has always been altered/implimented/improved on or around New Years' Day. Then the version number goes up. It's always been scheduled that way. January 1, 2010 will be the last time that happens. The last real sitewide redesign was version 7, two and a...

Caffeine version 3/RC POSTED SEP 7, 2009
I haven't done much with my novel since March, having focused my attention on finding agents/ publishers. After six months of that, I'm returning to my work on the product itself. It's time for my debut novel to debut. The "RC" stands for "Release Candidate," as I hope these changes will be the last ones that the novel needs. The original draft was completed last August, with work beginning on the official "First Draft" a few weeks later to fill some holes in the narr...

They say everyone has at least one book in 'em... POSTED OCT 8, 2009
...and here's mine. I'm thrilled to announce the release of my 125,000 word novel, Caffeine. This is the realization of two years of work, taking no small amount of time and effort. I have chosen to release Caffeine under a Creative Commons license, which allows readers to download and share it freely. It's my hope and prayer that this work touches lives and isn't quickly forgotten on bookshelves (or hard drives, as it's only available electronically right now). Having four versions p...

l8r, MySpace POSTED NOV 4, 2009
After wavering on the decision for several months, I've decided to cancel my MySpace account due to a lack of use/interest, non-existent tech support, heavy advertising, and... well... now everyone seems to care more about Facebook. Though I haven't had issues recently, the recurring problems I'd had logging in didn't help things. Finally, after I decided to start mirroring my blogs there again (like when it was "EG SP," an extension of, I remembered how hard it is to ...

US 17, all of it POSTED NOV 4, 2009
I just returned from a road trip to New York (I've decided against announcing my vacations beforehand on this website). Rather than taking the usual I-95 up, though, I expermiented a little and avoided the interstates altogether. A big part of the resulting plan was route 17, which I realized could drive the entire length of (bragging rights!) without going far out of my way. More information, and photos, are on the Blacktop Classic 2009 page This was the first road trip since the dec...

You can help Caffeine get published! POSTED NOV 4, 2009
Marcher Lord Press, which deals specifically with Christian Sci-Fi/ Fantasy, is holding a "Premise Contest." Let's just say the winners will have a better chance at getting published. I encourage anyone who's interested to sign up and vote for Caffeine (and also some of the other work, you have to pick at least three). Here is a link to the forum the contest is being held at: .

Does anyone use GrabowPedia mode? POSTED NOV 19, 2009
I'd like to know if anyone finds the "Config" feature useful, as I've never received feedback about it and am now considering getting rid of it in EG version 28. Contact me if you'd like to plea for it's existence.

Version 28 progress POSTED DEC 12, 2009
In August, I announced that the yearly redesign/version cycle that has been on since 2001 will end this year. A few weeks ago, I began work on that final "01/01/xx" launch, version 28. Click here to see what exists so far. Over the months, the August plans have been adjusted. Here's the progress report: No more January 1st updates, No more four-year mandate, Sections are baaaaaack, Limited version branding: All announced in August. Still happening. Open forma...

Caffeine makes it to the final phase POSTED DEC 16, 2009
Time for some Lord-praisin' A couple of months ago, yet-unpublished Caffeine was entered into the Marcher Lord Select contest. It was one of 49 "premise" entries listed on a forum called "The Anomaly," caused modest buzz, did somewhat well at the polls. I haven't been posting the results of Phases 1 and 2, but now that it's passed Phase 3 my novel will only have nine contenders, and the first 500 words posted. If Caffeine passes Phase 4 in two weeks (only three entries...

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