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Grabow's Ramblings From 2015

RRR&R Clinch County POSTED JAN 22, 2015
Me at the border of Clinch County (Georgia). In 2010 I announced a goal to visit every county seat in the state of Florida , a short-term low-budget version of my lifetime goal to drive in all fifty states. Yesterday I clinched the last of Florida's counties. I've now been all over the state: from Key West to Pensacola, from the remote Apalachicola to the hard-to-miss Jacksonville, from crowded Miami to quaint Arcadia to single-stoplight Trenton (a far cry from the one in New Jersey). ...

Driving Season Close POSTED MAR 10, 2015
I've explored the state of Florida during two big road trips these past months. This weekend I made one smaller trip across the state to West Palm Beach. After a decade of tight budgets, I'm having a lot of fun filling up the gas tank and finally getting some miles on my car. The cooler season will be ending soon however (I hesitate to call it Florida's "dry season", since showers materialize during any weekend I go driving.), so I'll be slowing down as the brush fires start popping up and daily...

New Server POSTED MAY 28, 2015
I'm up to year 15 with this website. In 2001, I chose OLM as my hosting provider and am very happy with it, but the 2001 plan and the 2001 package of software have definitely been showing their age. A few months ago, random server errors started cropping up. In April it became bad enough to eat into my web traffic. Last week the MySQL interface became aggrivatingly buggy. I'd been considering updating my hosting plan and having everything moved to a new server before launching version M33 in ...

M33 Public Beta POSTED JUL 1, 2015
After months of work I'm almost ready to launch the next version of But don't wait until the end of July to check it out when you can participate in my public beta test right now! There aren't many pages up there yet. Most of this site's pages need formatting work, and I'll be spending a couple of weeks focusing on just that. I don't plan to do much more work on the HTML/PHP/CSS code until after the launch, but please let me know if something doesn't appear to be working. I appre...

Florida 10 POSTED JUL 7, 2015
Sunday will mark ten years since I packed up my Toyota Supra and became a part of New York's "Brain Drain," leaving the state I grew up and was educated in so I can start my career elsewhere. Never to return. Besides the obvious anxiety of moving across the country without having a job lined up, something that worried me at the time was whether I would regret the move later... realizing some opportunity I'd missed while I lived there. I'm happy to say that never happened. Many appl...

EGrabow HD... Now With Style(sheets)! POSTED JUL 28, 2015
With five and a half years on the odometer, version 28 was the longest-running major version of in history. It was the last of the "January 1st" upgrades... back in 2010. Not limited to one year like its predecessors. Nevertheless, all good things must come to an end. And be replaced with even better things. ;) Welcome to the new version M33. The most noticeable change is the flip from light-text-dark-background to dark-text-light-background. This is...

WTFDA Convention POSTED JUL 29, 2015
I've been a member of the Worldwide TV-FM DX Association since 1999 but haven't been able to go to one of their conventions until this year. The payoff of my big student loan and the resulting travel budget has allowed me to make the trek to Fort Wayne, Indiana this month to see my fellow club members and see what this convention business was all about. Prior to this I'd only met two other WTFDAers in person, now that number is... I'm gonna go with eight. The convention wasn't that small, ...

All My Old Ramblings (back to 2004) Are Available Again POSTED AUG 8, 2015
Remember when my posts here were really really short?

Farewell, Wake Up! Pro POSTED AUG 11, 2015
For eleven years my flagship software product, an alarm clock called Wake Up! Pro, has been available for download on One of the July 28 changes, however, was its removal. The operating systems it was designed for, Windows 98 and XP, are too old and it wasn't getting downloaded as much. Since I stopped using it personally a long time ago and other projects have taken up my time I never had much interest in updating it. So finally my once-cherished product has reached "end o...

My YouTube Channel Becoming a Bandscans Channel POSTED OCT 10, 2015
Well, DXing is still the flagship, but its cousin the local bandscan is outpacing it in number of videos. At last I've finished editing and uploading the big haul from my Fort Wayne trip: AM/FM/TV scans from Chattanooga, Lima, Louisville, Macon, and Fort Wayne itself... just in time to go on another trip and record more bandscans! This is in line with why I bought a portable TV, to drive places and see what the local dial looks like. Admittedly this was more interesting in the analog er...

Farthest East POSTED NOV 4, 2015
Me standing on the 70th line of longitude. The turnaround behind me (really hard to see) is the farthest east I've ever been. This years generous gas budget has been thrown at my third major road trip of 2015, and the longest to date: all the way to Portland, Maine. This was another of my autumn trips to New York with something extra thrown in. I haven't been to New England since 1996, and have never driven in its six states. Now I have that achievement. And since last years trip to Ala...

Tropo Off To a Good Start POSTED NOV 14, 2015
The 2016 tropo season is starting here in Florida. I began regular monitoring when I got back from the trip a couple weeks ago and was rewarded Tuesday night with very early appearances from Mobile's WEAR 17, WMPV 20, and WKRG 27. (Mobile is the New Norfolk. ) This was a widespread opening that effected the midwest, south, and Gulf. I'd hoped to see something farther inland than Mobile and caught WTTO 28 from Birmingham! It's my first catch from that market (I haven't even seen Montgomery yet)...

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